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   [network] water purifier investment Twelfth Shanghai International Water Exhibition will be held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention Center June 2019 3-5. The exhibition will ring to join the Worlds two other civilian exhibition, launched a strong 2019 World Environmental Day will ring

   ecological comfortable home model room designer activity, more than design large coffee gathered in Shanghai, to bring you a comfortable eco-home new wave. Sign up now pre-registered to participate in activities, more multiple manners with gifts! Until finally this day, the Shanghai International Exhibition of water, as one World Series ring will show, rooted in the water industry, is the end of large scale water purification around the world products platform. 2019, Shanghai international air and fresh air exhibition, Shanghai International Building Exhibition strong combination of water, water purification, heating, fresh air three new fields bloom, showing a real model room real reflection of what we bring to the internationally renowned design great for you coffee and brands of intimate interaction, invites you to experience the world from the comfort of home ecological good life, only to share the most meaningful activities.


   3-5 June 2019, during the exhibition organizers will jointly famous designers great coffee at home and abroad, joint national brands, launched a fantastic, highlights Hui gather "eco comfort room designer model home activities "to create a basis of environmental protection, humane, personalized top, tailor-made ecological comfortable home life ideal realm. Lets preview, take a look 道 2019 World Environment Day will ring

   ecological comfortable home model room designer activity which brought us the highlights.

   鈶?bright scene, uncover the mystery of activity

   - innovative design large collection of coffee, listen to authority KOL brain burst innovation

   - 1000+ decoration designers went to the site to observe [ 123]

   - hundreds of real estate, high-end project owners gather experience

   - 500+ media resources shouted force full report

   - participate in online network named 10 brands

   [ 123] - online to receive electronic discount coupons, direct marketing platform, a key consumer

   鈶?authority endorsement

   organizers, together with China National interior decoration Association, China building decoration Association, China decoration Engineering Union, China design Alliance network, Shanghai interior decoration industry Association, Shanghai Real estate trade Association, One installed the worldEngineering Union and a number of associations institutions, to create your portrait real feast, more convenient, more intuitive and better.

   鈶?design of large coffee gathered collision sparks new ideas

   The organizer will be designed in a number of Chinese and foreign large coffee, a selection of three international design were from Asia, Europe and mainland Chinas large coffee together to create three sets of ecological comfortable home integration model room, will showcase the latest plumbing wind industrys leading brand of complete sets of equipment integrated system solutions, and more than 30 wind plumbing core brand launched their real model room.

   ecological comfortable home integration model room mainly concentrated in the three-year civil Central World will show: Shanghai International Water Exhibition, Shanghai International air fresh air exhibition, Shanghai International Exhibition of building water. Will attract decoration designers, project owners and real estate channel

   and other new areas of audiences visit the exhibition site visit focused experience while large foreign designer coffee scene commencement speech, to share innovative ideas, recommended brands, leading ecology the new wave of home comfort, as we thought presented a fantastic feast collision.

   鈶?ecological comfortable home model room design activities in the enterprise announced

   2019 World rings will cover the plumbing wind a complete industrial chain for the civilian sector, in previous years, in addition to conventional products for buyers dealers (central water, central water softener, hot water system, warm air conditioning, fresh air system and other plumbing equipment wind), we have a joint Chinese decoration Engineering Consortium entered into a strategic agreement to hold the fourth China sourcing Summit decorative one thousand companies at the show earlier. There will be the main focus of hundreds of wind plumbing and home improvement brands corporate purchasing decision-makers together to participate in a model room activities, presented since the creation of the most powerful lineup of cutting-edge, authoritative, active next exhibition. 30+ plumbing wind core brand will launch their model room real well-known designers to design large coffee brand exhibitors to participate in the linkage model room, at the same time, more than 30 wind plumbing core brand will launch their real model room, the site focused experience, currently invited the companies are:

   central water / central water softener:

   AO Smith, United States, Unilever, Haier, EcoWater, BWT, Angel, 3M, Pentair, Kang Li root [123 ]

   hot HVAC system:

   Bosch, Oventrop, like Federer, class nikko, REHAU, Georgia Lan, Moha Fu

   New air system / air-conditioning and purification:

   Panasonic, Townsend, dreamer, LIFAair, Europe well, loose net, Nuno, three father, Wei Lin, Tuoma Shi, Witt odd

   鈶?mainstream media mass propaganda and opt force

   organizers to integrate the Crown publicity channels, the main drift of the media as well as 1 million business database brand campaign, covering the mainstream C-terminus of media, including real estate home class mainstream media such as Sina home, home Sohu, Netease home, Tencent and other home design class mainstream media such as the global home design, global software installed, the global creative home, home improvement designers, maternal and child class mainstream media as China baby net, child-care network in China, Eastern feeding network and other official mainstream media such as CNR network news, news Sohu, Sina news, Tencent news, headlines today, Phoenix, China News Agency and other media like radio and television such as CCTV (cctv2, cctv13, cctv1 etc.), Shanghai TV, Shanghai Oriental TV, CBS Colombia and other media resources, in addition to the hype on the micro letter, microblogging, vibrato, including design, fashion class micro-channel micro broad number, vibrato KOL large promotion, concentrated exposure publicity, follow-up will be gradually exposed in the major media and Internet industry mainstream media channels, so stay tuned!

   fusion at

   online and offline, to bring you an integrated experience. An event, are in the pipeline, together witness, brand strength Shanghai International Water Exhibition, June 3 -! 5th National Exhibition Center in Shanghai (Hongqiao), you will enjoy a water fashion tour


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