Vertical water heats - Comparive describes inline hand wstro

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  Core Tip: When winter comes, the temperature gradually decreased, each family will be more frequent use of the water heater. However, although people have been very common to use a water heater, but for hot vertical type of

the arrival of winter, the temperature gradually decreased, each family will be more frequent use of the water heater. However, although people have been very common to use a water heater, but for the difference between the two vertical-type water heater and strong emission-type water heater is still very vague. Thus, small hereinafter tell us something about the vertical water heaters and how strong emission water heaters, and a comparison for both

   vertical water heaters - what inline heater

is a linear type water heater One of the earliest of the water heater, gas heater inline LPG gas is natural gas or other gas-powered water heater, mainly because of the straight row of the combustion exhaust gas is directly discharged in the room, due to incomplete combustion of gas, the gas discharged a certain amount of co and other ingredients, very safe, very prone to accidents, so the state has been forced in 2000 to ban the use, and now vertical-type water heater has been replaced by a strong emission-type and flue.




Inline Water Heater

   vertical water heaters - strong emission water heaters what

intensity type water heater is in a particularly long metal heat transfer tubes and particularly a heat contact area, the heat of combustion of the gas sufficiently to pass a metal sheet heated water away so that the temperature of the exhaust gas discharged from particularly low, this heat exchanger has a very high thermal efficiency. Strong emission is the addition of a flue gas exhaust flue motor on the basis of the exhaust gas through the flue into the room, running, the flue gas is forced into the room through the flue, the oxygen required for combustion is still taking since the room.




intensity discharge food

   vertical water heaters - Comparative inline water heater and water heater strong emission description

Safety Performance Comparison: forced exhaust of the combustion heater is flue gas exhausted to the outside, safety performance better than that in the straight-type water heater.


Comparative thermal efficiency: vertical-type gas water heater thermal efficiency of about 80%, and the thermal efficiency of gas water heater strong multi above 88%. Therefore, in terms of thermal efficiency, exhaust gas water heater is more energy efficient than a straight type gas water heater.


a comparison of water: the water flow vertical-type gas water heater is more5 liters or 6 liters, due to the small water flow, lower comfort bathing. Strong gas water heater and water flow increased to between 8 and more in 10 liters bathing comfort high, and can simultaneously meet the kitchen and the bathroom.




intensity discharge schematic work food


vertical-type food and how strong type water heater, and a comparison of both to introduce into here. In fact, we can see from the above, the relative ratio down, strong emission-type water heater is more good, either from energy efficiency, or safety point of view, should be better than vertical-type water heaters. Therefore, in this small series is recommended by many consumers in the purchase of water heaters should buy strong emission-type water heaters.

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