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   water purification products channel mode gradually into the normal track, water purification products be able to cover the whole product channel, so large water purification opportunities, greater potential, saying talk, who have channels in the world, and the future of water purifier market in rural areas, the water purification companies how to develop the rural market?

   clean water in rural areas is now fashionable products, due to the contaminated water pollution in rural areas than in urban than we imagine them still serious. So clean water to rural areas has become a matter of major brand will do. In the marketing level, the current promotion back to the original. We can find a core staff of towns and villages every day to promote, such as the village head, village officials, plumbers and electricians, some influential people to sell. And rural people have psychological comparisons, as long as this thing is good, it was installed, there will be a spate of effect!

   rural water purifier market potential, but water purification product distribution, installation, sale is a big problem, because the rural market many points, wide, length, distribution of scattered and inaccessible, which is the development of rural water purifier market is the most headaches. How to solve it?

   What kind of products suitable for the rural market?

   Overall, the income level of rural residents is still very low. Therefore, we should be able to develop targeted consumer acceptance of the price, inexpensive to win. Rural consumption in the traditional type-based thrift, prices tend to be the primary consideration when buying goods. So put the rural market of products, both for the use of the characteristics of rural areas, but also to seek affordable in price. So, be sure to use the rural market quality and cheap models, in addition to weak health awareness in rural areas, need to slowly develop, make the rural market will not happen overnight, have to do long-term plans.

   In addition, the rural market is now quite different water quality, must be appropriate for a particular product areas, such as silt many places, the water tastes great place, the filter can not change too often, so the specific product , as well as for local consumption prices, easy maintenance, which is an essential attribute of rural product!

   What kind of person to develop the rural market?

   dispersed rural markets, accommodation, catering, transportation and other ancillary services measures is relatively backward, sometimes schedule to be changed according to the rural peoples habits. Development of the rural market must have a team willing to endure hardship, or even the best strategy can not be achieved.

   personnel rural market is relatively fragmented and neededSales staff have a sense of spirit, but be careful with people who are interested to explain, to go for more nature to solve the problem without the users water quality. If it does solve the problem of their healthy drinking water, this product will also share in the countryside than in the cities.

   can be found in the core staff of towns and villages every day to promote, such as the village head, village officials, plumbers and electricians, some influential people to sell. And rural people have psychological comparisons, as long as this thing is good, it was installed, there will be a spate of effect!

   What kind of promotion method is suitable for the rural market?

   1, wall advertising. Low-cost, long-lasting advertising, usually people often can see, plays a subtle effect. This method is past, "three", "melatonin" magic weapon to capture the rural market, many companies are adopting.

   places the wall advertising the choice is very important, it is generally required to choose: prominently state and provincial roads on both sides, such as roadside restaurants, hotels and gas stations and other nearby; prominent location along the railway line; villages, schools and other groups depot; villages and farmland junction.

   2, tabloid publicity. The more economically backward rural more information occlusion, the greater the role of tabloid. In the past, "three", "Hearts K" had to open a tabloid rural market, hit a three tabloid publicity propaganda model, from now, there are still some practical significance. The main product introduction tabloid knowledge-based, can be placed inside the product packaging distribution. The main methods of investment in the S & P cast and scattered cast two kinds. Cape vote, is engaged in carpet-running within a certain range: door to door delivery within a certain range. Prior to launch, be sure to preliminary investigations, the work area to draw a plan for the distribution of farmers and rural residents to understand the situation, determine the number of delivery. San cast, is be served in the bazaar, or be distributed at the scene.

   3, car stickers advertising. There is a sticker on the back of promotional materials attached to the vehicle body, or the compartment. How to stick? Generally be posted on the tricycle, bus and the bus leading to the county or township. T-shirt can also be presented to the driver, thus forming a flowing landscape. When operating a vehicle stickers, one must have a sufficient number, basically covering the main passenger lines; the second is the car stickers to be unique content, with the impact. In this regard, we own companies or branches can be based onCase design.

   In addition, in rural areas there are a lot of "jumping", these drivers are better speech, as long as you get one row of product, he will let you paste, you can talk to him if you a month or a few months the ad also I grant you what. These "jumping" carrying advertising, the streets full of scurrying the alley, because the people in the car sitting in the car with nothing to do, do not look will see, I had this experience, and this ad is very good because sitting in the car tired, there is such a thing would be taken seriously. Enlightened, a look really move the heart, really I will have the opportunity to buy. There is also a body advertising, but the cost is relatively expensive. Whether it is car stickers or body, the rational use depending on the circumstances.

   4, fabric banner. There are generally two types of pieces of cloth banners and storefront across the street. It is worth noting that the publication of these ads have a certain momentum, to guarantee a certain amount, and to hang in a prominent place.

   In general, in a township and county inside, there are a dozen or twenty banners across the street, it is enough to cause concern town residents. Another point to note is that the color of the best pieces of cloth in yellow and red, do not use white, because white rural bloopers, usually people died at home (white wedding) was this white cloth.

   5, radio advertising. Inside the city, and everyone basically has a TV, radio basically no way out species, but in rural areas, due akin to finding far, high input costs, although countries are now engaged in television network engineering, there is still considerable rural television signal not covered, so the country in the implementation of the "village" broadcast Engineering. Broadcast continues to be one of the main sources of information in rural areas, and the cost of advertising is relatively low.

   In short, as a water purifier brand, we must pay attention to the rural market, who can make the rural market, who is the real industry leader.

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