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As people increasingly high water quality requirements, net water has become an essential weapon for many families. But the face of the complex category of home water purifier market, gave consumers a problem, how to choose, how to choose a cost-effective water purifiers, domestic water to bring home protection.


water purifier to buy - whether it is a first identify counterfeit products


because the water purifier is directly related to the health of users, it is necessary to obtain the Ministry of Health issued after the health permit this document, before production, sale and use. When consumers buy be sure to check the water purifier brand, specifications, models are consistent with the Health this document, available on the "Chinese health supervision network" when necessary for the verification. Xiao Bian remind you, mineralized water, ion water machine and other products not made health document. In addition, such as activated water, magnetized water, the spectrum of water, small molecules of water, there is no accepted theory and strict verification program, there is no scientific criteria and practical measurement methods, Xiao Bian remind consumers do not believe related vendors hype.


Optional water filter - selected according to the quality tailored


Raw water quality: if drinking, generally optional nanofiltration or reverse osmosis machine, such as tap water and the really good very stable, also optional ultrafiltration; If is washed with, water of high hardness, such as water made of North groundwater, water softener should be used; high water and colloidal organic substances, such as water formed south surface water, the central water should be used; such as tap multiple sediment, without water, or when, the pre-filter is required.


Optional water filter - Use according to specific selection


If only as a daily drinking water (including tea, coffee, cooking, porridge, soup and other food), you can select kitchen machine with the reverse osmosis membrane element, nanofiltration machine, ultrafiltration; as if washed with water, wash e.g., bathing, washing, etc., is required sufficient product water production, for example, placed in the center of the bathroom water purifier (KDF plus carbon) or a central water softener; if it is placed in the living room may be considered a single type or a thermal type ice hot drink straight closet,Convenient and style, while the water valve at a pre-filter can be installed to protect all the family and a fresh water faucet.


water purifier to buy - based on economic budget specific choice


If good family economic conditions, it is possible to buy a beautiful appearance, timber stress, the degree of automation (automatic regeneration) high water purifier . If there is a higher demand for water purifiers, the central water purification machines and water softeners can all placement, and even use them, especially those low prices do not buy inferior products, not only the poor, but also may cause leaks, flooding and other serious consequences.


I believe that, after you learned more about the water purifier purchase information, will be able to choose the high cost of a home water purifier.

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