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   2019 Second China Xiamen International Exhibition and end water purification and membrane technology and applications Expo (referred to as: Xiamen International Water Exhibition) March 22 - March 24 return to the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center.



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   In the context of the initiative "along the way" era, invite the world "water people" gathered gold brick Xiamen, grand to "Marine Silk Road Road to water the United States, China Science and Technology 途 lead innovation and development" as the theme of international trade procurement exchange event.

   Asian specialties Water Show, clear exhibition planning train services

   The introduction of the new exhibition industry nowadays two hot water industry, water membrane technology and wisdom, was divided into five exhibition: end water purification pavilion, water industry accessories exhibition, exhibition of water treatment, membrane technology and application exhibition, intelligent manufacturing exhibition, with the vision of sustainable development, the United States and China to create water. Powerful combination, China AAAS strong join.



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   China International Science and Technology Association of water and air purification strong professional committee to join, and Xiamen International Water Exhibition jointly organized the second Asian international water industry forum, to create an authoritative interpretation of policy and industry issued a special meeting, a major coffee-studded dry goods share, dimensions revolutionary era of a water purification industries.

   the arrival of the United States, Poland, Denmark, Australia, Nigeria, India, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries, industry associations guests, will present an exciting international water industry exchanges and dialogue, the international water industry in Asia Summit is bound to a new high.

   water industry "CQC" "Uc" preferred dual certification system to promote the conference

   by the China Quality Certification Center, Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine jointly interpret the water industry "CQC" "Uc "preferred dual certification system, the Chinese water industrys first" CQC "" Uc "dual identity excellent enterprise quality system certification ceremony.



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   dealer meeting, cross-sector cooperation Talk about new directions

   300 gathered nationwide + water industry distributors close interaction, the water purifier market2019 breaking seminar, to build billion dollar level agency with expertise. Roundtable cross-sector cooperation, innovation and youth work committee, health industry associations, educational equipment, catering kitchen and other cross-border cooperation, a new direction, then the water industry.

   gathered in a large coffee, sharing the harvest today tomorrow

   Suning UNPROFOR help passengers strategic cooperation signing ceremony, EcoWater surprise new listing, the country seized safety evaluation (Beijing) Medical Research Institute wading product popularity of health and safety, Xiamen film school trade exchanges, US AWA, Haier, Midea, Angel, Patio, AO Smith, ho Chak, Philips and other companies on behalf of current water purification dialogue hot topic.

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