Water softener of raising plants do

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   of water softener plants keep it? Some love of farming friends and my heart there is such a problem. 2020-06-04 small series have to Cougerenao explain.




soften hard water softener function has been a lot of people know, some of the attention to water quality and safety of the people are beginning to install it at home. Recently an aquatic breeding enthusiasts want to buy a water softener, but there is a fear that the water softener keep plants it? 2020-06-04 small series to introduce.


Knowledge about the safety of drinking water a small influence on the water hardness of the plants is described.


soft water and hard water hardness degree is not the physical properties, but the number to be divided according to minerals dissolved in water. Soft water and hard water has different effects on the growth of aquatic plants.


Although not specifically scientific literature that affect the hardness of the plants, it is known that the hardness of calcium and magnesium ions are essential nutrients in plants, or even iron, manganese, zinc, copper, ... it is plasma. In this respect, the hardness of water plants get nutrients, there is a positive sense. However, both water hardness microelements plants, contain a metal ion. When the high calcium concentration can help the growth of plants; when high metal ions, growth of plants on a disadvantage.


If there is water of nutrients disproportionate, antagonizes occur. There are known to block calcium absorption of water of the plants and help facilitate the absorption of nutrients, and proper role of potassium contrary, it must have adequate calcium and potassium ratio, or antagonism will occur between calcium and potassium, so that only plants You can absorb calcium, or potassium, potassium or calcium can not be absorbed, must have a very adverse effect on the growth of plants.


Effect on hardness of plants, mainly based on antagonism between each other nutrients, especially on the antagonism between potassium and calcium. Therefore, we in the choice of cultivation water, paying particular attention to the adequacy of water hardness, hardness are not too high or low.


The most effective water softening, security is the most economical method is to use an ion exchange resin, since the resin may be excess calcium and magnesium ions in the barrier completely outside the aquarium, which itself is not expensive. An outer resin used in the aquarium should not place it on top of the filter cartridge orWhere else in the aquarium, because this is not good softening effect and will get rid of the nutrients in the water, thereby enabling the aquarium water is not easy to control, also affects the growth of plants.


In the process of breeding plants, controlling water quality and softness are very important. In general water quality criteria may be relaxed to around 10-15, so that the quality suitable hardness more plants will grow.


need to be reminded that, although the water softener is a good helper family, but you have to know how water softeners knowledge of routine maintenance, or once a fault, then the distress will follow.




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