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   As we all know, water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution tied for the worlds three major pollution. These three pollution on human survival and development constitute great harm, especially contaminated water, called "health butcher." Parasites, viruses or other pathogens contaminated water, can cause a variety of infectious and parasitic diseases, unfortunately, if the drinking water containing heavy metal ions of arsenic, chromium, ammonium and the like may also lead to heavy metal poisoning, once ingested exceeds safety standards, the human body can lead to organ failure, life-threatening.

   further accelerate the process of industrial society, the development of parts of the country are not well coordinated with the environment to maintain, leading to worsening water pollution, and water pollution, in turn, affect industrial production and affect peoples lives, and even endanger peoples lives property. This is also the problem of national development challenges individuals must face the challenge of survival is also new opportunities.

   water purifiers, water machine, the air purifier and the popularity of both the product of the times is the inevitable choice for survival, huge market share and people rigid demand prompted the rapid development of water purification industry, Wright series products have emerged rapidly into the horizon.


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