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   yesterday, public opinion and public opinion research center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University released 2017 annual "China urban environmental awareness survey" Report. The report shows that the credibility of the government of environmental governance substantial increase in population, the public awareness to improve basic environmental knowledge, environmental awareness is generally high, the highest garbage will.

   The Shanghai Jiaotong total of 3942 residents in 35 major cities in China conducted a random sampling and telephone survey. The survey found that the water is quite safe or very safe people accounting for up to 62%, believe that food is safer or very safe people accounting for up to 56%, compared with the results of the first two rounds of the survey have a more substantial upgrade.

   However, 46.8% of people believe that the city environmental pollution problem is more serious or very serious, specific gravity than the previous two years has increased, more than half of the population (50.9%) believe that their environmental health caused some degree of damage, this proportion is much higher than 2015s 29.4%. Visible, more than half of people believe that Chinas ecological civilization construction situation is grim and urgent, the public is more concerned about the impact of the environment on health, NIMBY consequent increasingly strong, the moment our main urban environmental governance is still long way to go .

   At the same time the report shows that with the enhancement of science and media propaganda of basic environmental knowledge and awareness of urban residents for basic environmental knowledge has improved significantly.

   to the survey reflect the Public Awareness of PM2.5 and global warming, for example, 54.2% of people said to have some degree of cognitive PM2.5, 40.4% of people believe that the personal daily behavior will affect global warming, compared with the first two rounds of these two accounting investigation have increased dramatically.

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