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   2017 Tangshan two net fair distance from the opening October 14 and three days. After November mini vacation, we immediately put the final preparations for the show, the audience current exhibition organization and the conduct of business in the follow-up work is well underway. We look forward to present you get the job net, high-level industry event fresh air, clean water field! We also firmly believe that the convening of the Expo will further promote innovation and development of the industry, creating a new situation all-round cooperation between the two big health industry net! The fair has been highly concerned about the media industry, and earlier held three industry forums, and industry networking dinner. So, you with the fastest speed, to catch the last train to net two Tangshan Expo it, we waiting for you at the Nanhu International Convention and Exhibition Center!

   Comprehensive information

   Show Time: October 14, 2017 --16 date

   Venue: Nanhu International Convention and Exhibition Center (Lunan School Road South and arts intersection)

   Organizers: China Association for quality inspection

   Organizers: China Association for quality inspection of air purification equipment special committee

   China Association for quality inspection of water purification equipment IPCC will

   the future of Beijing exhibition Co., Ltd.

   Shandong Lunda international exhibition Co., Ltd.

   supported by: Education equipment Center in Hebei Province

   Beijing Municipal Education equipment industry Association

   Tangshan City Board of Education

   China Household Electrical Appliances Research

   American water quality Association (WQA)

   Chinese air purification industry alliances

   [123 ] Beijing PRC, market research, Ltd.

   interior health industry Association, Guangdong Province

   Anhui water industry associations

   Jiangsu Province, water purification equipment manufacturing industry associations [123 ]

   Association of Zhejiang Province, water purification equipment

   Association of Guangdong Province, water purification equipment

   net Hebei Province Chamber of commerceWater Equipment Professional Committee

   Shanxi Province, water purification equipment, household appliances industry association serving the special committee

   Consumer Electronics Association, Shandong Province, home water treatment devices special committee

   show significance

   At present, China has entered a sustained growth in consumer demand, speed up the upgrading of consumption structure, consumer-driven economy marked improvement of an important stage. Improve product and service quality is both a respect for the consumer, but also to build the foundation of the brand. Air purifiers, water purifiers have been explicitly included in the central "green consumption", it is becoming the new mainstream mass consumption. As a major health industry, two net leader, brand-building power quality irreplaceable status and role. To promote the spirit of two craftsmen net industry, promote the development of quality, strengthen the integration of collaboration between business and business, business and government, cohesion competitiveness of the industry, the development of opportunities to win, consolidate the national market, focusing on the world stage, China Association for Quality Inspection organized "2017 China Tangshan air purification, fresh air system and water purification equipment fair" to demonstrate our air purification, fresh air system and water purification equipment industry achievements show "Made in China" smart upgrade, showing two net industry excellence artisan spirit, give full play to the brand the lead role and the role of enterprises as the main body of quality, quality publicity by setting the standards. At the same time strengthen trade exchanges, innovative models to explore the market, promote innovation and development of the industry, efforts to improve the quality, Build quality of integrity, quality consumer guide, help new economic normality.


   Air purification products: air cleaner (home and commercial), smoke purifier (machine), automobile exhaust treatment products, the air filter (machine), oxygen machine, Yangba freshener, deodorant sterilization machine, indoor air exchange, air fragrance machines, negative ion generator, oxygen generator, air conditioning clean, clean vacuum cleaner, formaldehyde elimination machine, indoor pollution control products.

   New air system: a central ventilation system, fresh air ventilation equipment, air handling equipment, circulating water system equipment, fans, ducts, air curtain, heat exchangers, heat recovery systems, techniques and forms ventilation, air-conditioning cleaning test and maintenance equipment.

   water purification equipment: household, commercial water purifier, the campus dispenser, kitchen water purifier, central water purifier, water vending machine, IC smart card dispenser only, and other water boilers.

   related: all kinds of airAir purification products, new air system products, water purification equipment, accessories and supplies.

   Detection Instrument: various types of air and water quality testing equipment and facilities of the like. .

   Show Features

   a high-end platform - the authority of the organization and planning

   authoritative industry organizations and strategic cooperation between the professional group exhibition Group market-oriented business model, from industry guide all aspects of promotion, exhibition organization, trade docking, etc. for effective cooperation, complementary advantages, build a strong clean air, fresh air, high-level industry event in the field of water purification. .

   2 fine blend - cutting-edge products and services

   Expo will bring together global air purification, fresh air system, water purification equipment in the field of nearly 200 well-known enterprises brilliant debut, and was carrying three high-end products and technology to show off the audience, not only to meet buyers and professional visitors diverse market needs, but will lead the development of the industry trends and product development direction. .

   3 results are obvious - improve the procurement system

   advantage of the enormous advantages of the platform and rich data resources, we invite hotels across the country, property, building materials, decoration design, environmental testing and environmental engineering, real estate, distribution agents, engineering and education departments and school principals gathered fairs with exhibitors face to face to discuss trade, exchange of technology and seek cooperation.

   massive 4 - rich concurrent activities

   Concurrent will hold more top technology exchange conference, high-end summit forum and buyers matchmaking, showing two large net to the community health the latest technology, products and solutions, to effectively promote the safety and quality of new products popularized for the exhibitors to bring immense value in return! .

   5 precise offer - strong promotion effect

   a hundred domestic and foreign media organizations and professional sites form a powerful coalition propaganda, the exhibition and exhibitors perspective of media coverage let the show become the focus of every eye;

   of the major regions of the route is divided according to geographical, organizational team depth market offer a comprehensive and detailed site visits, to show potential audience one on one precise solicitation; [123 ]

   according to buyers accurate data field visits to collect resources available, a wide range of information on the exhibitionTake potential viewers in remote provinces telephone, text messaging, micro-letters, mail, fax, etc. to make an appointment to ensure the quantity and quality of professional visitors;

   using the official micro-channel public platform for real-time information on the exhibition, so that all concerned buyers and professional visitors to obtain information about the exhibition, expand awareness exhibition and attract more participants.

   using free bus mode to meet the buyers, buyers concentrated in the big market, the professional buyers access to the exhibition site, the real professional buyers and manufacturers butt up close, and for exhibitors professional buyers to provide the most professional and most direct communication platform.

   Show Aspect

   Aspect One: to build a strong net trade two high-level event

   as a whole, Tangshan, Hebei and North Chinas leading economic city, two net Expo will be held increase opportunities for communication and cooperation between enterprises, find the best combination of market and industry. The China - Tangshan two net Expo, organizers will guide all aspects of the industry, promotion, exhibition organization, trade docking, etc. for effective cooperation, complementary advantages, build a strong clean air, fresh air, clean water in the field of high-level industry event.

   major theme sections features

   Fair distinctive, brought together the best brands at home and abroad, will be a strong brand influence and appeal, brought together domestic and foreign net two industry-leading technology, the authority of the brand, innovative products, two net for our industry to build up high-end and trade cooperation and exchange platform.

   Aspect Two: two ad hoc net equipment into schools recommended pilot units exhibition of achievements

   China Association for Quality Inspection China Academy of household appliances, light industry and other authoritative bodies Certification Center co-sponsored "the new air purifier into the campus recommend pilot unit", "drinking water equipment into schools recommended pilot units activities in the country has a huge social impact.

   is the recommended pilot units with the campus market to China and the international market, China Association for Quality Inspection will be unified to create the recommended pilot unit achievement exhibition area at the fair - "Drinking water equipment into schools recommended pilot unit results show" "fresh air purifier into the campus recommend pilot unit achievements" to recommend products for the pilot units unified planning, unified display, unified publicity.

   Aspect Three: Three high-profile forum will lead the industry benchmark

   1. Healthy School Principals Forum

   based on two campuses Publicizing net technical standards, product quality checks into the campus, campus joint air system China Association for Quality Inspection sponsored by the Tangshan City Board of Education, drinking water and health training will be standard equipment on campus will be the principal forum in China - Tangshan two-year net Fair grand opening.

   Current air purification equipment into schools, drinking water equipment into the campus education departments and schools much attention. Primary and secondary school students how to protect the safety of drinking water and breathing clean air is a problem of education departments, schools and social agencies are thinking about. Healthy School Principals Forum will be carried out by the depth dialogue and exchanges, thinking the moment two devices into the net development of the campus, attracted attention two net industries and enterprises and the media vigorously report.

   2, water industry technology conference: how technological innovation to reshape the Chinese water industry supply chain

   technological innovation and product innovation is the development of two carriages. At present, Chinas economic development has entered a new normal, the fourth industrial revolution brought new formats, new concepts also allow more water purifier manufacturing companies aim at the forefront in the face of great opportunities before a new round of technological revolution and industrial change, closely linked to demand, and actively explore new mechanisms for enterprises in technological innovation and development among the transition. So, intelligent development, the new consumer-driven, long-term development of the core business what is? How to define technology products? Discuss new energy-saving, environmental protection, new what we are talking about?

   sponsored by the China Association for Quality Inspection China water industry Technology Conference will be held in the same period of exposition, combined with the current status of Chinas water industry to "smart, energy-saving, environmental protection" as the theme, hand in hand Haier, Lake, United States, etc. in the form of well-known entrepreneurs, joint American water quality Association (WQA), NSF, Chinese Academy of household appliances, and other industry experts in related fields who, by leading enterprise technology seminars, industry summit forum, to discuss how technological innovation to reshape China net water industry chain.

   3 empty net industry Technology Innovation Conference: A New wind market in the future development trend

   a large number of air purifier companies are by virtue of innovation and hard work success rise, are constantly in the air purification industry product line under the filling and improvement, Chinas markets with new empty net change. Especially from the perspective of innovation, how to look at an empty net new economic sectors of the industry to stay ahead and even international competitiveness is crucial. Then, Technological innovation, how to subvert the traditional industry brand? What are the trends in the future air purifier / fresh air markets?

   China indoor air purification industry conference, authoritative data organization PRC will publish first-hand data for the new large wind industry, wind industry will define new data. In addition, keynote speeches, a large coffee on the road and other sectors, and many other exciting things to watch.


   chief strategic cooperation media: Tencent home Sina home throughout the video broadcast, feature stories, and vigorously promote, demonstrate excellent our two net industry qualification, excellent products, perfect service of two net household product.

   Supporting Media: CCTV, Peoples Daily, Xinhua, "China Education Daily", "China Construction News", the national grid, "air purification?", Ventilation network, HVAC online, "China net community "," China drinking water "," Beijing News "," Beijing Youth Daily "," Beijing Morning Post "," Beijing Daily "," China building Materials Daily "and other domestic authority of the one hundred extensive media coverage.

   concurrent events

   (a) ad hoc air purification pilot units into the campus recommend achievements exhibition area, drinking water equipment into the campus exhibition of achievements recommended pilot unit area;

   (b ) China indoor air purification industry technology conference;

   (c) the Chinese water industry technology conference;

   (d) campus air purification system, drinking water equipment standard training sessions and healthy school principals Forum;

   (e) the net two products into the campus docking meeting.


   October 12 --13 date

   08: 30-17: 30

   exhibitors exhibit, delegates report

   [ 123] October 13

   13: 00-17: 00

   Chinas water industry technology conference

   October 13

   18:30 -20: 00

   Abbott welcome dinner

   October 14 --16 date

   09: 00-17: 00

   Fair showcase of

   October 14

   09: 00-17: 00

   Expo show in

   October 14


   Expo opening ceremony

   [ 123] October 14

   09: 30-12: 00

   healthy school principals Forum

   October 14

   13: 00-16 : 00

   China indoor air purification industry technology conference

   October 16


   exhibitors dismantling, return

   [ 123] contact

   the total charge:

   segment core 13717876855 010-59196531

   Xue Gu long pass on the fly 13,869,059,369 13,585,028,529

   business groups Contact: [ 123]

   Jamin Wang Yu 13,311,201,698 13,910,026,158

   Yang Fan TRANSACTIONS OF 13,301,320,981 13,693,026,103

   Liang Hongyun 15,666,263,586 13,001,647,586 war Lili

   address: Chaoyang District, Beijing agricultural Exhibition Hall North Road Maizidian Street (office area north of agriculture), Building 22

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