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   In order to meet the need - M rapid development, to achieve a comprehensive layout of the market, promote the further popularization of water purifier, so that more people can grasp the water purifier to join the market opportunities, the industry share the wealth.

   November 25, - M "sharing economy mode Dazhou first investment will be" held in Sichuan, China Dazhou Island Hotel. The event are packed, many business cooperation signed on the spot, hot scene


   - M "sharing economy" model successfully detonated his speech purifier market conference, Mr. Zhu Jianhua, general manager of China Group, said Kang!: with the rapid rise of field water purifier brand, manufacturers, franchisees, agents how to seize the market moves quickly became a key issue. The meeting, Hua Kang will share new thinking, models, methods, help us to open new sales situation, easy access to profit.


   a sunrise industry, indicates that the cause of our wonderful journey. Keynote session, Mr. Hua Kang Kang Hua Group General Manager Zhu Jianhua on how to brand a foothold in the market Dazhou, China Kang water purifier marketing strategy, Hua Kang water purifier "sharing economy" mode - M Things smart water purifier , a policy supported by the market Hua Kang, Kang Hua partners to develop new markets for profit and other content in detail.

   Share Details Premier Zhu said: - M break the traditional sales model predicament, the first "share economy + Things + Share purifier system" marketing model, a "factory Distribution - franchisees drop-off - free consumers - consumers share - manufacturers franchisee surplus "new ecosystem pattern, the pattern by fission, duplication, to help partners easily open the water purifier market, quickly realize the dream of wealth growth.

   to inspire confidence in everyone to develop water purifier market - M go to the Dazhou market Gold Partner Lee came to power sharing experience, Lee has always adhered to the "hard work to benefit" faith, Kang in China With the support of clean water has been encouraged to go to develop their own career. Seize the opportunity - M + platform + spirit of hard work, the General Lee to lead the business grew and grew.


   Lee also said that since the cooperation with China Kang, his greatest experience is: - M is really real work of clean water brand. In a number of cooperation with the manufacturers, the General Lee - M activities has been a steady stream of people, resources and marketing support, so that he successfully opened up the market to openExtension of the channel, sales and earnings increased year by year, successfully earn a pot of gold water purification market.

   in-depth understanding of China Kang had the strength, the meeting site partners who are rich Hua Kang water purification new model, based policy support, - M market experienced operations team, professional sales team, fascinated, we all China Kang water purifier new model is full of great confidence, the meeting was a complete success!

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