Water purification companies need to face the -cottage- evil

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   After many years of propaganda and popularization of drinking water and health knowledge, people have gradually understanding the impact drinking water quality on human health, more attention to safe drinking water, which provides a great market prospects for the production of water purification products. Water industry market is vast, rich profits, many people have joined transboundary water industry to share. However, some SMEs lack of adequate funding and technology, innovation has not paid enough attention, we have gone from a cottage route, but they can only imitate the appearance, the lack of real technical support, which not only harm the interests of consumers, but also for real spend time, energy and money to develop new products of the enterprise caused no small impact.




water purification companies need to face the "cottage" the consequences of innovation can only be based

   At present, our country cottage style rampant, not only is the water purification products, there are many industry are prevalent fake and shoddy products. Therefore, the water industrys "cottage" culture is only a small part of the cottage culture. For the original enterprise, not on the "knockoff" let down our guard, we can not turn a blind eye. But to face this phenomenon, together with other companies work together to eliminate the "knockoff." Enterprises should know, water purification product is different from mobile phones and other such products, water purification products are of inferior quality can damage human health, related to the safety of consumers. Therefore, we can not encourage the development of "cottage" culture of the water industry, but find a way to eliminate it, its a long way to go task, clean water enterprises should assume responsibility for consumer safety. Otherwise, the cottage water purification products continue to flow into millions of households, the consequences could be disastrous.

   behind the "cottage" business philosophy is innovation contempt, want to enjoy something for nothing "used" from the development of technology, product performance, marketing model, for the whole water purification market, product homogeneity phenomenon is more serious, the enterprise, without its own unique technology and brand culture, product difficult to continue marketing and brand-building power, bigger and stronger is almost impossible.

   water industry still have to adhere to innovation and development, in order to have a foothold in the industry after companies have core technology, no technical support business is actually an empty shell.

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