Tap water after the typhoon Hunhuang morehan 10 days why not

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  Tap water after the typhoon Hunhuang more than 10 days why not? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 905 Published: 2015-8-24 14:41:03 "Typhoon have been for over a week, but to the faucet or water Wong now, after something a hand washing touch full of sand, let alone drink, and how can this do? "yesterday, Mr. Liu Wen Cheng Shan town from the mayor to call the hotline, said green 12345 and Shanxi town water is the case, has continued for more than 10 days. Hunhuang dirty water daily water consumption is a problem in Shan Town Riverside on the road, in front of reporters at a fishing tackle shop to see such a scene - originally used to fish in the fishbowl was placed before the store opening, no aquarium fish, Xi Zheng then cloudy yellowing of the water through the water reservoir tank precipitate beside another pipe flow. It turned out that the owner, Mr. Lin came up with the idea of 鈥嬧€媎esperation, then use tap water after precipitation tank through this procedure, "has been build quite a long time, but the water quality is still the case." When he finished, he immediately went inside to get two white bowl, early in the morning to pick up his landscapes and aquarium water on the contrast up together. Surrounding residents heard the news came up, rushes off to say, "after the storm has been so, Wong Nai water more than 10 days have not changed the clear, go on like this how to do?" "It certainly can not drink the water we are now getting up early every day to pick up landscape, line up will have to wait a long time "," who so extravagant ah, but also with a bath landscape, these days are using this water bath, body itch, but it did not help it "...... Reporter We learned that residents rely on to solve the drinking water access landscape, playing well water, but other domestic water can only make do with Wong water. Not only so Shan Town, adjacent to the giant satellite town of the situation is not optimistic, there are nearly 5 million people in two towns water became a problem. Shanxi water plant Difficult Problems of old equipment to work overtime Shan Town water plant is located on a hillside reservoir is located, into the not yet, we heard the roaring factory equipment is operational, an smell of disinfectant nostrils. He waterworks director with a reporter went to the source of water treatment pond, pointing to this pool of muddy water reluctantly said, "so muddy water sources, our equipment is too old, too old process, the machine has been overloaded operation days, still Drops turbidity, our difficulties residential waterAlso very anxious. "He introduced the director, Shan Town new water plant delivered in 2006, designed daily water supply 7,000 tons of water actually only 5,000 tons, but in recent years, demand for water has reached nearly two towns tons. Facility has been overload carrier for many years, and now even more than the useful life of the pipe network is aging, usually with already reluctantly, not to mention the typhoon suffer once in a century. emergency program has been introduced to solve the thorny Shanxi water plant still operational functions almost lost, residents worrying domestic water. relevant professional and technical personnel to the scene to go to visit, and discuss contingency plans. reporter linked to the Wenzhou Municipal urban Management and law enforcement Bureau monitoring center senior engineer Zhou Jianwu, he has twice visited Shanxi Hydropower plant, water plant and for Status Quo a better understanding of a problem. Zhoujian Wu analyzed, with a normal water source in many areas, such as dosing, mixing, reaction, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, but with limited processing power Shanxi water plant, the process chain is incomplete according to the context at hand view, process water treatment capacity is far less than the demand, so the water quality and quantity can only guarantee one currently Shanxi Hydropower plant uses Zhou Jianwu proposed program: increase water clarifier dosing systems, through coagulation and sedimentation process ensure daily turbidity can provide 2500 tons of water is about 10 degrees, after the incorporation of chlorinated tap water, reducing the overall turbidity, supply users. Although the introduction of contingency plans, but if longer typhoon or earthquake, the situation will again. He Shanxi water plant director admits, if you want to reach the normal water supply, water will pass a series of measures to reform, expansion and so on, but it takes time and cost of inputs, water will actively reported to the competent authorities for Please understand residents. the water supply problem, Shan Town mayor Mao Restoration look in the eyes of anxious heart. he introduced the altitude Shanxi Hydropower plant water intake is 85 meters, but with the recent Reservoir silt piling up, as long as there is a disaster, the water immediately becomes muddy. typhoon "Soudelor" Although the past more than 10 days, but because of the water particles are too fine settlement difficult, resulting in water quality in recent days and has largely remained unchanged want to solve the water quality by clearing silt, improve water intakes above sea level, water and other methods to improve their own conditions, but the process is long way to go. Xiao Bian said Tim net water purification equipment, water by improving water quality needs some time, and in the case of tap water quality can not be guaranteed, the residents themselves best to take measures to install a small water purifier can be solvedWater quality needs!

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