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   During use the water purifier, a filter needs to be replaced. The so-called need to replace the filter element is false propaganda. The filter must be some life. Water purifiers in use, must pay attention to the timely replacement of the filter element, so as to ensure the health of your drinking water.



   With the rapid development of my countrys economy, peoples living standards improve, people drinking water health issues widely concerned. At present, the city has been the rapid rise of a new wave of healthy drinking water, water purification is becoming the new darling of home life, becoming Following the refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, household necessities essential for healthy living.

   how to buy a safe and secure water purifier it

   Experts believe that:? Buy water purifier not just look at price, the most important is the product quality and after-sales service. Unlike ordinary home appliances water purifiers, water purifiers and water filtration filter entirely on completion, which means that the filter quality directly determines whether the water purification out of health. So, when buying water purifiers, first choose to buy quality assurance of water purifiers. If the consumer is not enough understanding of water purifiers, water purifiers might choose to buy big brands, such as Haier Strauss, the United States, net of the spring and other well-known brands. These brands have a high brand reputation, and more engaged in the water industry for many years, has molded water purification technology and perfect after-sale service, quality is relatively more secure.

   In addition, consumers need to pay attention to after-sales service is also the time to buy water purifier focus. Even the best water purifier filter has a certain life, after replacing the filter using expired if not timely, water purifier will not play a filtering effect, it lost the meaning of its water purifier. So when consumers buy, be sure to understand the water purifier sales service is in place, do not believe some businesses advocated "water purifier without having to replace the filter, service life of up to 10 years," and other words.

   In order to reassure consumers use water purifier, some businesses design a filter with automatic water filter replacement prompts by the computer monitor filter usage, when the filter life expires, the system will automatically stop of water, prompting the user to replace the filter. At this time, users simply dial the phone, sales staff on-site, for users to replace the filter.

   in peoples lives become increasingly demanding healthy today, learn how to choose to select a safe, secure and at ease water purifier is very necessary. The following smallEd recommend several fly water purification products for everyone.

   Honeywell reverse osmosis water purification Aqua Touch 400

   Honeywell Aqua Touch 400 housing a reverse osmosis water purification overall health and more beautiful atmosphere only, as the stage of formula use, saving space in drawers. Forming three filter effect five filters, cartridge filter composite stronger. It can effectively remove heavy metals, microorganisms, bacteria and other harmful substances.



   Machine large flow capacity, high flow rate, to avoid the long waiting time. You can manually replace the filter yourself, no power, no water, more convenient.

   Patio purifier QR-RU-05A

   The water purifier Patio classic elegant appearance, a collection of many functions in one, two double membrane design water, more five filters system was filtered through a cotton filter PP high accuracy up to 5 microns, Malaysia imported carbon rod filter, can effectively remove heavy metal ions and other impurities in the water particles, membrane filter filtration precision of up to 0.01 micron, effectively remove organics, pesticides, RO is also the most efficient metal membrane filter, filtration precision of up to 0.0001 microns.


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   Further, the machine module type filter can be changed easily, without complex installation process. ABS plastic body without toxicity, side effects, gently wipe bright as new.

   United States MRO1686B-50G water purifier

   it has high precision filtering effect, protective of human health; smart enough to it, can be controlled through the mobile phone; it is to be humanized, filter 3 seconds change, reject tedious steps, its advantages, may be more than that ...



   the reverse osmosis filter U.S. end, we all know, is a reverse osmosis water filtered into pure water, reverse osmosis filter and this trace element can be retained, more wholesome. Filter element, imported from Japan Kuraray carbon, adsorption area, adsorption capacity; PP composite high cotton + carbon filter, to an abutting three, more efficient. Has a high-end technology, integrated waterway design, space-saving and safer. Quick-core technology, refused trouble. Jingdong Microunion, mobile intelligent control, it is possible to control the switch and the detection filter, but also directlyBuy the corresponding filter, so convenient.

   Smith water purifier J600T

   a good water purifier, a look at how the purifying effect, and second, to see the amount of water so big. So look at this Smith water purifier it, which the use of reverse osmosis water filtration filter that is 1.5 liters per minute and Large Volume Water, the water faster and more thorough. Long reverse osmosis filter, high-quality and stable performance of the booster system to prevent heavy metal pollution, protect the health of their families.



   Further, the machine compact, small footprint, eliminating the need for half of the cupboard installation space, to adapt to various installation environments. Light changes, real-time control filter use, and timely to remind you when to replace the filter through the intelligent display. In addition, at the head of the special installation of smart display light, without opening the cabinet doors, you can control the filter usage. The machine also has a self-cleaning function, leakage protection devices, allowing you to use more peace of mind.

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