Secondary causes of water pollution- Why do you use water pu

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   secondary pollution refers to the contamination of water by the water purification plant, generated during each household conveyed into. The main by-product is sterilized rust, silt, bacteria, viruses and other impurities, and some of the formulation chloride waterworks pipe aging appear. Secondary contamination sources main water pipe, the secondary cell and the tap water system.



   1, tap water is self-pollution

   itself contaminated tap water mainly includes three aspects: contaminated water microbial , residual chlorine in tap water when the water contamination and water treatment coagulant residual contamination.

   2, contaminated water piping during transportation of the

   during transport in the water, it will inevitably be brought pipeline two secondary pollution. At present, my country has used tap water pipelines reinforced concrete pipe or cast iron pipe and cement mortar lined steel pipe and other pipes. Long service life and no liner pipe lining material and the bituminous coated pipe, because the pipe wall corrosion, fouling, water easily lead to iron, manganese, lead, zinc and other metal species, and various bacteria, algae, benzene, phenols content of volatile index is increased, so that water pollution.

   3, water contamination caused by pipeline ancillary facilities

   water distribution networks, are often designed with a control valve, drain valve, a large number of ancillary equipment such as fire hydrants. These ancillary equipment placed underground or open due to the long, often subject to rain or other water erosion, resulting in equipment easily damaged, causing loss of pressure pipeline network. Upon loss of pressure pipe network, it is easy sewage suction pipe network, resulting in secondary pollution. Contamination of the secondary water supply facilities

   4, water tanks, ponds, water towers, etc.

   Today the rapid development of Chinas urban and rural areas, urban and rural water supply section plant construction to keep up with the expansion of the scale of the urban and rural areas, but for a stable water supply and reduce water supply toThis requires a large number of secondary water supply facilities have been set up, the most obvious is the water tank and set for the urban high-rise residents. Due to the volume of the tank is too large, the water storage tank for a long period of use, it can not be cleaned, once management is not appropriate, it will cause secondary pollution inside the building secondary water supply facilities. Pools, water towers and other secondary water supply facilities are often faced with the same problem.

   5, water supply and sanitation management factors

   water quality of secondary pollution partly because of improper hygiene management, mainly reflected in: drinking water management and supervision of the relevant legislation is not perfect, enforcement of existing laws and regulations is not enough; related to water supply and sanitation supervision and management mechanism is imperfect, irrational; inappropriate management of water supply facilities, mainly secondary pressurized water supply system construction often without health management reviews, and lack of specialized maintenance, regular after delivery.

   6, other external factors

   In the current context of the rapid development of urban and rural construction, a number of external factors may cause tap water II secondary pollution. Such as aging water pipes leaking water pipelines leading to mixing of pollutants; urban construction pipeline construction errors led to pollution damage occurred. Like external factors, but also lead to water being an important factor of secondary pollution.

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