Tips 7 rules to help you purchase select the most appropriat

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   human life, we are constantly choice, and the choice is very important. With the improvement of living standards, water as necessities of life but also by the people more attention. Su reported a few days ago, held at Bo home, many people pay special attention to participating brand water purification system, stop consulting understand the owners is an endless stream. Reporters found that the face of the market today water purifier brand variety of water purification products, the consumer is very easy for screenwriters how to buy a water purifier it? Buy when they should pay attention to what the problem? [ 123]



   tips 7 rules to help you buy select the most appropriate water purifier


   the higher the grade the more excellent water purification and filtration stage

   to learn choose water purifiers, water purifiers may want to first understand the classification principle. It is understood that, simply, water purifier division made a single stage filter, two-stage filtration, filtration three, four and five and above filtration filter.

   single stage filter, is only applicable to water quality for drinking water purification. Not to drink tap water after general filtered. Dual stage filter, partially remove organic and inorganic impurities, which can effectively absorb chlorine, to improve the taste of water, apply only to water quality for drinking water purification. Taste better than the single-stage filter. Usually not to drink tap water through the filter. Three filters, to clarify the water.

   Through the above is easy to see, the higher the number of stages was filtered, the filtered water quality is more excellent.

   According to the water quality is very important to select the optional water purifier

   a certain brand of water purification systems sales director, said information fed back by selling found that consumers in consultation with the water purifier, basically We have done some preliminary understanding, but rarely remedy according to water quality problems.

   As the water quality in different regions, in fact, their own and not necessarily focus on the aspects for their own use, northern China and southern high hardness water quality limestone areas, the water calcium, high magnesium ion content, easy to scale, should advanced optional with an ion exchange resin filter purifier cartridge.

   chlorinated water, color odor heavier, higher organic content of city water, optional large amount of activated carbon home water purifier. For the urban and the water is turbid water purification, should buy coarse filter, fine filter dual function of household water purifiers. For heavily contaminated water, requires a thorough filter any impurities in the water, drinking directly without heating,You should buy reverse osmosis water.

   buying tips to help you to choose the law of 7

   In addition, water professionals to consumers summed up a series of buy water purifier "laws."

   1, focus on cost: better product quality, stable performance; use more convenient; lower maintenance costs and operating costs; strong expertise and good after-sales service.

   2, selection of domestic water softener products, drinking water contains a certain selected water hardness (140mg / L200mg / L), soft and not suitable for long-term water as drinking water.

   3, water hardness is the best choice in the composite ultrafiltration 170mg / L or less regions.

   4, water hardness 170mg / L-250mg within / L shower area, laundry softener products is best to use water, drinking water is preferably selected aquatic composite ultrafiltration.

   5, the hardness of the water in the shower area 250mg / L or more, the best selection of washing water softener products, drinking water selected portions of demineralized water (demineralized water and not demineralized water are mixed in a certain proportion) after the composite ultrafiltration after filtration machine ultrafiltered water.

   6, high fluorine-containing water, high salinity, sulfur area by pure water as drinking water, and trace element supplement.

   7, ground water or sand and heavy rust area, precision filter mounted in the summary table is recommended before.

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