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   Newsweek inventory: China Water Purifier Network Ten hot news one week (11.20-11.26)

   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, we have a responsibility to do Hua Kang water purifier manufacturers; love Guy water purifiers: Victor Twelfth hands-dealer training-cum-winter 2017 launch of Glimpse inspection and so on industry events one after another. Below, China water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (11.20-11.26) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   - M has the responsibility to do the water purifier manufacturers

   rapid economic development, but also inevitable of water resources caused serious pollution; because our waterworks relatively backward technology combined with long pipelines leading to the formation of secondary pollution inevitable, tap peoples survival failure events occur frequently, for now, the net water came into being at this time, the family POU is the imperative, water purification products in Chinas development has gone through more than 20 spring and autumn, the water purification industry in recent years is to become the most attention industry, household water purifier brand ranking is to become the focus of attention. [Click for more]

   Victor Twelfth hands-on training-cum-dealers seized winter 2017 launch of Glimpse

   November 14, 2017 - November 17, 2017, four days Victor Victors home water purifier brand twelfth "hands-on" dealer-cum-training camp 2017 winter seized the ceremony ended. Outstanding dealer representatives from across the country, carries the dream ignite the passion, gathered for future cooperation and development conducted in-depth discussion, and defined the strategy and prospects for 2018, in order to promote close cooperation with each other to lay a solid foundation . Here we take a look at the events exciting glimpse of it! [Click for more]

   home water purifier pleasure to join hands to build Chinas CCTV CCTV brands

   Following the February 2017, China Water Purifier after Lays brand home water purifier hire Golden Horse Award winner Jianbin as image and brand spokesperson, home pleasure again to force CCTV CCTV1 / CCTV2 / CCTV7 / CCTV10 signed a brand exhibitionSowing plan, to build China water purifier brands, respectively, in CCTV-1 "hear the world", CCTV 2 sets of "wealth" CCTV seven sets of "healthy way", 10 sets of CCTV "most beautiful villages in China" in honor broadcast ... [click for more]

   - M Share: water purifier business management to the times

   Chinas economy continues to develop, the rapid development of the Internet, more people tend to the notion of equality of life, now gradually getting younger employees, they are more inclined to liberty, equality and working environment, in this context, water purifier brands only progressive change their business management philosophy, so that enterprises can develop better. [Click for more]

   a net source of water purifier brand and strive to do a world-class enterprise

   Mr. Lu said:. "Only the nation, is the world" as a water purifier brand one national brand, the net source of water purification company in the excellent road Qiang Qiang and the line, the net source of a number of patents and research results, and declared a national high-tech enterprises, applied for several patents, continue to rise to quality service to consumers, and strive to do a world-class enterprises, so that families around the world can drink healthy water, respiratory freshest air. [Click for more]

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