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   since the seventies of last century, our country has experienced economic and social necessities of consumption upgrade, well-off consumer upgrades and upgrade the quality of consumer consumption upgrade three times, and each time the consumer upgrade upgrade is based on innovation on the basis of prior and complete the upgrade of the process of changing the consumption characteristics of consumers. Currently, we are at a critical stage of upgrading the quality of consumption, substantial growth in tourism, education, health care and other consumer to a water purifier as the representative of the health of electrical products naturally become the focus of consumer concern.


   "2017 China water purifier industry research report" shows that after about five years of development, the total retail sales of water purification equipment in 2012 accounted for 0.5% rise in home appliances market to 1.8% in 2016, while in 2017 the market is expected to reach sales were 33.6 billion yuan, a huge market potential for clean water. But the report also pointed out that in recent years, the Chinese water market is good and bad situation is still not satisfactory in terms of brand strength, product quality and after-sales service, water purification standard variety, small brands false propaganda prevailed also on the water purifier industry caused some harm.

   The good news is that Chinese water industry is also good, up one side. On the one hand, after the rapid development experienced in previous years, the water industry started to enter the shuffle stage, the pursuit to earn "quick money" to consumers irresponsible, not good at innovative water purification companies will be shuffling out, water purifier market will therefore step into the rational development track, gradually mature; on the other hand, many currently is an industry leader in water purification business, such as Patio, the United States, etc., we are actively promoting universal access to quality water purification products and services, lay a solid foundation for continued healthy development of the water industry.

   pull-quality consumer brand image of the industry to embark on an uphill

   A few years ago, the water industry has developed rapidly, but under the heart of the data, but hidden with a variety of "crisis": small brand , low-quality products flooding the market, more companies are trying to take advantage of this wave of development boom, "a fortune" on the critical aspects of product quality, follow-up services regardless of whether the consumer experience is difficult to ensure consumer quality improvement it is non-existent.

   In this regard, the Chinese water benchmarking leader Patio think, to enhance the quality of consumption, requires more powerful "pillars" of the firm. The first is the product itself, water purification, water purification companies must pay close attention to product quality, and indeed withIn the water purification effect, user-friendly features to speak; second pillar is to pay close attention to the quality of service throughout the pre-sale, with sound policies and channels, to speak with attentive service; otherwise an important pillar is, get rid of the consumer water purification industry, "prejudice" and "old knowledge" to guide consumers to see the good side of the water industry, drinking water and health concept rooted in consumer perception.


   Patio knows, water purification consumer experience is the focus of attention, and product and service is the core of the formation of water purification experience. In terms of products, technology research focused Patio, 19 years, has received hundreds of domestic and foreign patents, and actively promote the patent application floor for consumers to create countless high-quality water purification products; while in service, Patio It was devoted to the establishment of a standardized CSM customer management system, detailed records of user information, and a comprehensive call center, customer service team of over 100 people 365 days year-round, reply or answer user consultation. Recently, Patio also opened a micro-channel service platform, users can query consulting related questions, at the same time, micro-channel platform can also be micro-channel messaging and text messaging and other forms of active users push for the core maintenance reminders, further enrich the service system, improve.

   In addition, water purification Patio also insisted the cause of science, will convey the right information to the users ear clean drinking water, a wise guide the user to establish a correct concept of consumption of clean water. This will undoubtedly have a positive role in improving the image of the water industry.

   industry standard first innovation Patio water purifier pushing standardized upgrade

   "Standardization has very positive implications for improving product quality, but a major problem in China water industry now exists is the standard blur unclear, Patio in the efforts of other enterprises, the water industry standardization work has been considerable progress. "Patio insiders, Patio earlier had become the national water purifier and system standardization work in 2007 head of the unit, led, participated in the drafting of national and industry standards more than ten. Today, the new upcoming standard water purification, Patio As an industry leader, then play a key role in standard-setting participants.

   "Patio been to the highest standards themselves, which is where the Patio develop their own players as a standard, is also an important factor Patio has been an industry leader." Patio chief consumer experience officer and brand operations officer Ding Liling introduction, QinPark strictly control the selection of products from raw materials, to production, packaging and transportation, will be carried out in accordance with the high level of standard products to ensure product quality with no fear.


   It is understood that, in order to further improve product quality, Patio will adhere to embark on the road of innovation from the beginning of creation, first in the world. From the worlds first dedicated drinking water purifier, the worlds first no heat lamps speed hot water dispenser, reverse osmosis filter to independent research and development, modular filter, original body design, development / application of intelligent water purification products, Patio water purifier has been at the forefront of the industry, leading the industry direction.

   "Patio hopes that standardization should not be confined to the product, the water industry should also have the appropriate service standards, and this is an important direction Patio efforts." Ding Liling also said that long-term commitment Patio enhance the consumer experience of clean water, the process, improve the quality of after sales service is an indispensable part. To this end, Patio special CSM establishment of a standardized management system and improve the customer call center.

   in terms of service enhancements, Patio and did not stop this. It is understood Patio also requires grassroots stores provide consumers with full installation, maintenance services, and to explain the machine maintenance knowledge to ensure water purifier filter replacement in a timely manner, error-free, to enhance the user reputation has laid a solid foundation for the user.

   industry observers admitted that the water industry services generally lag, Patio and a few other companies products and services balancing force of the water industry will drive the other brands of "self-purification" and let the water industry to embark a faster, more healthy path of development.

   (Source: National Grid)

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