Water purifier initial use and how to mainta the daily use

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   According to recent water purifier sales data show that the use of household water purification products growing number of people have to fully understand the working principle of water purifier, water purifier know the role of the core lies filtered tap water, let us to drink more clean and pure water. However, most of the family may not know, the water purifier on first use and daily use there are still many areas requiring attention, the following is said on how the first use and daily maintenance and upkeep should use it!

   [123 ] 鍑€姘村櫒 for the first time:


   water purifier for the first time flushing should strictly follow the steps below, otherwise it will affect the performance of the water purifier and pre-made water quality. Respond before first use of home water purifier to flush rinsing liquid in the protected water purifier, as follows:

   1, the tap, the water inlet valve, fully open purge faucet, rinse 15 minutes until the water is clear without producing lather. Frequently during flushing tap switch (3 seconds off, 10 seconds apart) so formed pulsatile flow impact, better flushing will.

   2. Close the drain tap, the tap opens the purge, after 5 minutes of water can be used normally.

   everyday use:

   1, often along rinse: during daily use of tap water for water purification machines is carried out along the wash, it is recommended to open the tap after access to purified water rinse, promptly trapped contaminants washed away, the water purifier to maintain a high water flux, thus prolonging the life.

   2, water production backwash recovery: If the water purifier through the forward flushing water production is still relatively small, may be considered to backwash water purifier.


   1, the product after use should remain membrane filter in a wet state. If the membrane filter and drying will lead to a sharp decline in water production and can not be recovered.

   2, more than three days without the use of the water purifier, purifier respond using cis rinsing repeated again for 2-5 minutes, until the water in the water purifier until the drained.

   3, in the case of tap water without water, first discharge opening in the tap water pipe after the sand, rust and other drained, and then opens the purge use a water faucet.

   4, the overall water quality water purifier water production and water purifier areOff, if the water purifier is better water quality, then the total water production will increase, whereas water quality is poor, then the total water production will decrease, the corresponding filter life will be slightly shorter.

   5, frequent flushing water purifier, can effectively extend the life of the water purifier.

   6, with long-term use of water purifier, the water production will gradually decline, but the quality of water still qualified, can be assured.

   7, to replace the filter is preferably carried out by the manufacturers service center, the manufacturer or service center under the guidance of professional staff.

   8, close the water inlet valve, cutting water purifier water purifier fails immediately, do not disassemble.

   9, in the course of products such as unusual or unknown, should promptly call the water purifier brand service center.

   Filter replacement

   Under normal circumstances (when the raw water in municipal water), membrane filter life of 3 years or more. Thus time can be replaced by ultrafiltration cartridge as the basis.

   around the water quality due to the difference, if the user is using the water purifier process, found that the water purifier water production becomes gradually smaller, after repeated flushing backwash maintenance, and by the manufacturers service center, the case is still unable to meet the requirements of the water production, water production and taste significantly deteriorated, then the need to replace the membrane filter.

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