Tianjin Hi-tech Zone concerned about the focus of corporatta

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   in 2018 on the occasion of the two sessions, Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee to actively implement the nineteen spirit, promote the "Healthy China 2030" strategy landing, and promote the sound development of key corporate tax, care of business growth.


   Recently, the Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee Wang Sheng Zhuren, deputy director Zhao Tian Kun and his party visited the site, in-depth investigation of the make a positive contribution to the development of New He is still the company, understand the business and create a pro-business security business a favorable environment for companies to give a model of care and encouragement.


   He is still the company as a special local corporate tax, cultivating the Chinese direct selling market for 25 years, dedicated to health and beauty products and research and development, "integrity, sound, pragmatic," the business purpose for mankind promote high-quality living environment. It is still CEO Ms. Chen Min-jun said: He still will continue to work tirelessly to study and expand business scale, create more business value.


   It is understood that He is still the company due contribution to the economic development outstanding achievement is outstanding, over the years, has received multiple recognition and winning high district granted, steady development in , and constantly reinforce the foundation of enterprises, enterprise planning blueprint, focus on major health development, implementation Fortunately, every step of the development of Chinese investment in important layout.


   "public entrepreneurship 道 Peoples innovation", in the face of new values, new economic growth trend, as the direct marketing industry is still brand undoubtedly He opened a door to entrepreneurship , for the majority of people desire for economic development employment environment, build business platform to share business resources; actively fulfill their social responsibility, integrity, sound management, to promote greater economic benefits to a series of big, big move back brand management By.


   share the economic double hit of the times ...... new era of economic environment is showing good momentum of development, to provide new momentum has gradually grown into the development of the national economy "new engine" . According to research results show that the share of economic individuals involved in large-scale socialized production, promote the economic rise to individual entrepreneurs as the main body, which will bring more economic development opportunities for the direct selling industry.

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