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  Springs to water purifiers

   choose what brand of water purifier to join the better!

   Author: Ma Ying-jeou

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   With the increasing popularity of water purifiers, water purifier market competition has become increasingly fierce, water purifier manufacturers are also growing exponentially with. Many brands of domestic water purifier market for the majority of agents become very confused when choosing a water purifier cooperation between manufacturers, but also allow consumers want to buy a home water purifier in the selection dazzled when the water purifier brand and products. So, on what brand water purifier good, choose what brand of water purifier to join the agency has been a problem of great concern.

   1. The core brands are looking for competitive

   We know that many water purifier brand, but there is no real core brand. Recently, the Secretary General of China Association of clean water a long pass Gu told the author, concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta regions water purifier manufacturers and more dominated by SMEs, which are the size of a large number of one hundred people or less, and mostly do not intend to documents relating to apply for health. These small businesses are often concealed, not into the regular sales channels, but in the form of direct marketing in private sales, worse, deliberately flaunt "global clean water master", "international water purification experts" and other fake foreign devil to mislead people. However, like Gree, Midea, one of the few such enterprises Lequan, at the same time, he also pointed out that, in view of the current status of development of water purification industry and regulatory vacancy, as domestic famous brands of spring water purifier to very well the achievements of its leading brand position, and actively promote the industry reshuffle to lead the national trend of healthy drinking water.

   When we want to buy air conditioning, will naturally think of the United States Gree, Haier; when we want to buy a laptop, it is natural to think of Asus Acer Lenovo. Admittedly, the water purification industry did not form a brand like air conditioning and other household products such as notebooks. Thus, we have the potential to be selected and the core competitiveness of the brand.

   2. Select the quality assurance of business

   There is no doubt, no matter how high a water purifier brand awareness, strength and more abundant, and finally customer-facing are water purification products. Therefore, for the quality of water purification products, water purification agents should focus on. Of course, at the same time also consider the maturity and differentiated brand water purification products. For example Springs to water purifiers portrait endorsement by the movie star Liu Tao, it is equipped with a "US imports nanofiltration membrane filter" high-end water purifiers, since the market has joined the "high end" as safe and healthy drinking water clean industry, "the expert "s Mark. With its distinguished appearance, comfortable color, perfect mechanical structure, the forefront of world security and cleanup standards, and provide consumers with a guarantee of quality drinking water, but also for "high net water experts" made a perfect interpretation.

   3. The perfect after-sales service is the guarantee

   reputation and image of the enterprise focus is reflected in the quality of products and services, to ensure that only quality products and after-sales service to enable enterprises do not stand lost land. Just imagine what customers want after purchasing the product for the aftermarket worry about it? Water purifier is the second consumer products, often want to change filters, water purifiers and water leakage and other problems will appear, if there is no good after-sales service, water purifier not only for the consumer has no effect, but will become garbage, so that consumers talk about the mere mention of water purifiers, water purifiers so companies should be high-quality products and perfect after-sales service by the trust agency franchisee, deep It was the favorite of consumers.

   Based on these issues, and I believe that people want to get involved in the water industry will make their right choice.

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