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   Network marketing as a new marketing approach, aroused great interest of many big water purifier business. How water purifier manufacturers do network marketing? From the following five aspects.




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   First, knowledge of marketing

   from the general definition, refers to the knowledge of marketing the mass dissemination of new science and technology and their impact on peoples lives, through scientific propaganda, so that consumers not only know these, but know why, to re-establish new product concepts, thereby enabling consumers to germination of interest and the need for new products achieve market development and expansion purposes.

   water purifier in the promotion of new products, expansion is necessary to promote this level, to provide product-related expertise in the network, to increase product value and also improve the corporate image, such as new product technological innovation, cultural content, fashion, health and other elements. And with the channels of communication, including newspapers, magazines, DM direct mail, conference sessions, and now affects more and more websites, online forums, blog, QQ, MSN and other networking tools.

   Second, the search engine lead marketing

   Baidu, Google, several search engines not only affects more than 3 million Internet users, but also has a profound influence in the decoration of the target consumer groups, most of the 70, 80 after buying groups before buying related to water purification products, more and more people have become accustomed to searching for information related to water purifiers. Many water purifier manufacturer or dealer to buy a few key words, but the general point of view, water purifier companies do not attach importance to the promotion play this way, one way of using something as simple as just participated in keyword bidding, but in when searching for relevant keywords, relevant authorities reported no, this is very conducive to the promotion water purifier brands and products; Second, most companies do not make full use of search engine promotion.

   but to be reminded that, with search engine promotion can not rely on keyword PPC way, it is just 30% of the entire promotion, and according to the current popular word search volume, the cost is not low.

   Third, the network marketing activities

   through the organization of designers, renovated a log, share class competition live or online kitchen DIY activities may affect designerAnd consumer and other groups to form relatively viscous enough.

   now purifier companies do network activity is still very small, basically no influence can be formed. But promotion activities under the wire touches, mature and colorful, mainly the role of the Internet most people still maintain a certain doubts. In fact, this "ice" is being broken, the first to succeed, who will be able to get ahead of the competition in the new marketing era will rival far behind.

   Fourth, online forums to promote the

   network is not only a forum propagation channels, but can be a separate promotion strategies, expert advice, you can now fashion around the kitchen culture, lifestyle trends , taste, culture, leisure and other topics discussed do some water purification product applications, guide people to participate in the interaction of these topics in order to enhance the impact of brand and product penetration.

   At the same time expand the promotional activities through the forum, the organization can also buy operation, generally require professional marketing planning force, professional organizer or buy the site of personnel involved in the implementation. But mostly city, regional, or the same cell type.

   Five, online video marketing

   simple hard video advertising on television is generally only suitable for outdoor or streaming media player, this kind of advertising if no large-scale, high-frequency, long running and bomb , it is difficult to effectively increase brand awareness and sales results, but most of the water purifier company also stuck in this trap video ad, can not extricate themselves, such as shooting 15 seconds, 30 second ad, record corporate videos, interviews and other executives it has been far from meeting the needs of promotion. In this case, a simple video recording, played a large area, is a low cost on the network, a good way to promote the effect.

   now water purifier manufacturers and brand more and more, how to stand out among competitors, it is placed in front of all manufacturers and brand mission. Network Marketing as a marketing model is now important, water purifier manufacturers and enterprises have to pay attention to it.

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