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   dreams set sail, create brilliant

   times are traces of history, silently record the past bit by bit; the years is the story of pen and ink, quietly writing a fleeting beautiful scenery; 2018 is Waldorf Kang new starting point, a magnificent picture of a new direction!


   January 30, 2018, an extraordinary and order "- M" and keep in mind one day , all the people of China Kang partners and invited guests gathered in the industrial park in China Kang Group, opened the "dream set sail to create brilliant" annual meeting and a prelude to the annual awards ceremony of the 2018 New Year - M Group, all people together yesterday to celebrate the glorious history and looking forward to tomorrow better future journey.


   2017, all Group colleagues - M dedication, forge ahead, innovation, made one after another brilliant performance. April 18, 2017 - M Group, listed on the Hong Kong small and medium enterprise global equity trading center (listed Code: 91558), to achieve a historic big leap; - M "sharing economy" model towards 4.0 era, Liaoyuanzhishi rapidly expanding war in the country ... these will be credited to the annals of development, become excited - M Group stream of power every endless struggle!

   curtain articles

   with the end of the annual meeting - M video screenings, Ms. Kang, general manager of China Guangxi Branch Husu Fen served as moderator of the conference, Mr. Chen Kun and General Manager - M Marketing in cheers on stage to announce - M New Year Group 2018 annual Conference and awards ceremony curtain!


   accompanied by applause, music, Mr. Zhu Jianhua, general manager of Hua Kang Group, a grand stage speech, Premier Zhu expressed 2017 Love Kang Group all my colleagues in product and technology innovation, market strategy and implementation, and to promote the marketing model, brand and reach target several major aspects of the continuous efforts made so that peer envy of achievement; also said that 2018 is the Waldorf key Kang full implementation of "shared economic model 4.0 times" of the year, all - M people should actively and firmly take - M "share economy" Road 4.0 of strategic development pattern, Li Yong forefront, won the 2018 war! [123 ]


   talent articles

   Then, enter the exciting content of the program will show links, dance, song, comedy, sitcoms, etc. continue to unfold ... Colorful light on, Fang Xing dance, smiles, reveals the aggressive person - M attitude, today, we use songs, with dance, with talent to express our joy and happiness!


   Jiangxi team Peng solo to "save"

   [123 ]

always Shandong team horse solo "bragging"


Guangxi team dance "What u see"


promotion of the classical dance "blue and white"


Heilongjiang team comedy "News Network"


administration & Finance Department dance "curry curry"


martial arts "taekwondo"


Guangxi team "grab the money dance" [ 123]


part of the program silhouettes

   lottery articles

   does not draw annual Meeting is incomplete, huge prizes, step by step "surprise" carnival 2018! kitchen sets, water purification, laptops, cash and other gifts big red withdrawn continuously, quite a number of people in the lucky draw, the 2018 lucky moved back home!

   [ 123]

   winners of the lucky ones

   awards site

awards articles

   2017 is bound to be an extraordinary year, is - M Group metamorphosis year growth. A short step, a thousand miles, Hua Kangs development is inseparable from the hard work of each and every family, even though jobs are not the same, but all the family to work together in their respective positions, one must pay a return, in It will be the scene for the year 2017 to make a special contribution to the outstanding team and staff were commended and awards.

   "excellent staff" awards

   "excellent team" award

   "the award-winning show" award

Dinner articles

   dinner, China Kang Chung-kai, general manager of Mr. Zhu Jianhua Group, the companys management proposed a toast to all the presence of all, I hope we can in 2018, making plenty of money can move onward and upward, the whole family well-being, great show! annual meeting, also Gongchoujiaocuo among the joy successfully came to a close.

   Premier Zhu and management for everyone to toast

   dinner happy hour

Happy New Year , Kung Hei Fat Choi

   "not forget the early heart, grateful that you have;! dream set sail to create brilliant"! 2018, will be the new starting point - M Group to achieve an important year for a new leap forward, we would like work together to jointly write a new chapter - M Group!

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