Water purification agents tutor you how maintenance of wepur

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   now all kinds of pollution is very serious, some of the serious pollution related to human health, consumers more and more attention for water purification, prompting water purifier market size has grown but after the purchase, for normal water purifier how to maintain, many consumers are blind. Today, water purification agents Xiao Bian teach you How to maintain a water purifier?


   water purifier water purifier agent tells you how maintenance?

   1, when the water purifier maintenance, to check its closed circle, elbows, joints quick connections and the like. If you find that there is distortion ring seals need to be replaced, then it would ring if relatively dry lubricating it with Vaseline. Then again after dismantling one by one installed.

   2. The period of time used to filter considering whether to replace the filter, if used for a long time, then, for a water purifier can achieve better results, it is necessary to replace the cartridge.

   3, no matter what kind of water purification equipment, use should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, because sunlight will breed blue algae. Always pay proper protection of the water purifier, if must be placed balcony may have direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a shade cover or baffle near the water purifier machine, it will play the anti-algae effect.

   water purification agents to remind you: Compared with refrigerators, TVs and other home appliances, water purifier is a relatively simple household appliances, but in life, water purifier also has many technical points we need learning to master. Especially on water purification installation and routine maintenance, it is related to the point of use water purifiers. Above water purification agents looked share of small to give us How to maintain a water purifier, we all learn it?

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