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   In recent years, with the continuous development of Chinas urbanization, water purifier market also began to lay the layout of one day in the town market, but due to the relatively large cities, the towns, the more closed, specifically the accuracy of the industry is not high enough , water purifier brand awareness is not big enough, they also need water purifier business experience in the operation and maintenance of the market.




town dealers operating capacity to be improved water purification companies need to increase aid efforts (Photo from Internet)

   water purifier enterprises to enter the rural market encountered many problems

   at the moment, many companies are embarking on a water purifier "Going down" the road, but in the countryside the course, there will always face a series of problems, dealers manufacturers low loyalty, leading to enterprise funds operated ill has become particularly critical issue. To solve the problem of rural credit market, the first thing is the top priority of the store renovation work, the so-called "Diandaqike, off the big bullying the shop", when the management practices of the stores in the town market appeared later on township can guide consumers to change the traditional consumption habits, change credit to cash transactions.

   To solve the problem the manufacturers dealer loyalty, water purifier manufacturers can integrate county-level dealers resources to go to county-level dealers to establish an independent market town store, or contact your local distributor of high-quality town union shop, we divided by shares, invested by the company and management, make full use of the local dealer network of resources. Meanwhile, in the rural market is necessary to pay attention to market practices, and pay attention to local customs. Water purifier business dealers to do the renovation work of its own stores, so the concept of store image to lead the consumer cash.

   water purifier companies can enhance the township dealer marketing accomplishment

   in three or four lines, water purifier dealers township enterprises should make the selection and development work, for there are ideas there the idea of 鈥嬧€媎ealers to give more support, made the township benchmarking customers. Especially for those dealers have large stores of resources, not only to guide them to do their own products, but also actively enhance the shop to help him do the business. For those small dealers, strengthen visit, new orders will be in the form of a one-time increase of township dealer inventory, there is a natural pressure will have an incentive.

   For terminal stores sales increase, the training for the township dealersessential. "Product sales technique Handbook", "Terminal store product display Manual", "market promotion activities Manual", "membership activities Management Manual," and so the terminal stores sales management tools, in addition to the dealer will be taught, but also by the water purifier manufacturers representative in person at the front-line stores, the months of support, to help dealers set up the team, regulate the internal management.

   Although there are many business opportunities in emerging markets, but in the actual development, still a series of problems will arise. In this process, companies need insight to dealers in the market to deal with the problems, and targeted solution, so on the way into the town market, enterprises can further and further away.

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