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   With health consciousness gradually improved, consumers gradually awakening for drinking water safety awareness; we can see the search engine in the "water pollution" keyword search index improved significantly. The same period, its media index also surged, which shows that the concept of the health of consumers of drinking water is gradually increased. Together with water purifier manufacturers to look at the specific circumstances of it!

   economic base determines the superstructure, with the enhancement of peoples living standards, the users consumer attitudes and consumer awareness are undergoing change, transformation from consumer protection to the safety of drinking water to improve the quality of life level; continuously improve the quality of consumer , increasing demand for personalized, novelty seeking quality become the theme. With the enhancement of living standards, to meet the needs of consumers in the low-end, high-end development will inevitably demand; selling quality commodities, reflecting the consumers according to their own perception and awareness to search for the product line with its own requirements, but also meet the consumers pursuit of high quality of life; at the same time, enhance the user demand for products will effectively promote industrial upgrading.



   At the same time, national policies help the water industry continues to improve. "Household and similar water purification apparatus General Requirements" complete national standard, the standard purifier improve electrical performance, specifically includes the total net amount of water of the water purifier functions efficiency, noise, delay rate, regeneration rate, wastewater ratio, recovery rate, and classified according to different technologies; "household and similar general requirements for drinking water purification inner core," this is the national standard for the core water purifier, which develop standards covering household net reverse osmosis water filter membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, PP cotton; At the same time, "water pollution prevention plan of action," forthcoming, driving the total investment is expected to more than 2 trillion yuan. Among them, safe drinking water is still "water ten" focus on the preparation, mainly for better water quality of drinking water sources and other water bodies, to ensure that the water quality does not drop, no degradation. Two national standard implementation of positive significance for the entire water industry norms to guide the direction of enterprise development and improve aspects of consumer awareness of healthy drinking water, slowly but surely impact on the water purifier market; and "water ten" lead to economic benefits or up to $ 100 billion so as to determine, water purifier market will usher in a new round of development peak.

   At the same time, the upstream industry chain has become more sophisticated, the number of rapid amplification promote the brand, the future in low-end market competition will become increasingly fierce; currently known in the market related to water purification productsThe company has more than 4000, just more than 800 water purification products manufacturing enterprises, mainly in other parts, film, media and other professional manufacturing enterprises, and these enterprises are not yet entered water purification products in the past, more is hampered by the channel; then with the rapid expansion of the online channel, and the low barriers to entry, distribution and low cost advantages, accessories manufacturers shift to water purification products manufacturing enterprises to create favorable conditions; thus can conclude that there will be more enterprises to enter the water purifier market in the past, the market will expand, market competition will become more fully. The traditional service giving users more of a passive, not timely service and staff attitude and poor service, enhance their sense of active service with, in particular, the role of intelligence associated with the Internet in active service in the enterprise, users will enjoy to be more proactive care business, which is bound to enhance the user experience and user satisfaction, and enhance user stickiness of enterprises, reduce churn; at the same time, the service will bring greater benefits to the water purification market.

   larger environment, according to the National Bureau of Statistics released the latest data show that from 2005 to 2014 in the past 10 years, the growth rate of per capita GDP income residents has slowed, but has maintained a growth trend, 2014 before November, Chinas total retail sales of social consumer goods grew 12.0%, total retail sales of social consumer goods 23.6593 trillion yuan after deducting price factors, the actual growth of 11.4 percent, of which the urban retail sales of consumer goods grew 11.8%, rural consumer goods retail sales increased by 12.9%. Rural consumption growth to maintain a high level of growth, and higher than urban consumption; farmers income growth rate significantly accelerated, while with the construction of agricultural infrastructure in rural areas, speed up the reform of the household registration system and into the citys new residents, their consumer attitudes and consumption patterns must great changes will take place, farmers will need to be Chinas largest consumer groups.

   Although Chinas urban income groups in order to survive and consumption based, with the reforms and safeguards tilt toward low-income / vulnerable groups, more urban residents in the case of some security, will be more spending power and consumer confidence, which will release the consumer potential of urban residents, to truly improve their level of consumption.

   accelerated urbanization rate, three or four markets to promote the expansion. Urbanization dividends continue to be released, the resulting increase in capacity of 34 markets, to enhance the income levels of new citizens, as well as enhance brand awareness and lifestyle,The concept of change will have implications for small household appliances market, especially the healthy development of the water purifier market to provide continuous power.

   "national new town planning" 2020 resident population urbanization rate reached 60%, household population urbanization rate reached 45%; to achieve about 100 million agricultural work and other resident population settled in the town, as more of the rural population shift to cities, with the acceleration of infrastructure construction when agricultural rural infrastructure, the reform of the household registration system and into the citys new residents, their consumer attitudes and consumption patterns will certainly changed dramatically, farmers will be Chinas largest consumer needs groups.

   Therefore, according to Ovid cloud network projections, by the end of 2015, the water purifier market sales of up to 18.2 billion yuan, the market penetration rate of 5.3%; 2017 up to 50.1 billion yuan, the market penetration rate of 12.7 %; 2020, retail sales of water purification scale up to 104.8 billion yuan, the market penetration rate of 31.4%. Meanwhile, Orville cloud network is also expected that by 2020 the category structure will purification water purification equipment and machine-based, accounting for 39% and 33%, respectively. Upgrade water appliances still the main theme, water purification equipment category to maintain rapid growth.

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