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   With the improvement of scientific and technological level, water purification equipment have begun to breed more and more, some water purification equipment is really able to filter impurities in the water, to provide consumers with a healthy and clean water, but can not avoid going to buy some good enough just to flicker consumers of inferior products. Water purification face an array of merchandise, consumers should learn more knowledge, to avoid buying a useless machine home.

   If you do not differentiate, or that expensive to buy than to think that is the best, and think that is a water purifier, then you have probably just buy a water dispenser. Of course, we can not deny the dispenser machine is wasted effort, but they have different functions. Lets look at the difference analysis household water purifier and dispenser:

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   First, the difference function

   1 drinking water is mainly used to help a species of small devices aimed at a more convenient time to drink water, the bottled purified water warms or cools to facilitate people to drink. It is a water purifier apparatus for purifying water by filtering, mainly to purify water quality of tap water, drinking straight play role.

   2. The diversification function water purifier, the water may be purified after the drink, can be used for cooking, soup and other uses, while the bottled water dispenser can only solve the problem of heating and cooling, It is very simple.

   3. The water purifier filter water is fresh water, how much drink system. Drinking fountains is the first boil, and then has been burning, easy to form thousands of boiling water, the human body unhealthy. Over time, the market will gradually withdraw from the stage drinking fountains, water purifiers will assume the dual function of clean water and drinking water, human health, drinking water will span a new era!

   Second, the power consumption distinction

   energy saving products belonging to the water purifier, which water even with the machine and the central electrical machine, may be substantially all of the micro-electronic control, and water dispenser as compared to more power. Dispenser relatively large power consumption, is really a mouse electric power of 0.5 kW dispenser, when turned off, the use of water 1L 1.8 掳 consumes power, wasting more than 90% per day, a large power consumption.


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   Third, practical distinction

   it will become additive scale, in the case of traditional fountain liner, 3 months unwashed, It is the breeding ground for many bacteria, debris, redInsects, also adhered to the inner wall of the heat lamps, into a toxic additives. Such substances into the body which will lead to digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases.

   1. Speaking of water purifier, water dispenser is more like a transitional product, by far the market began drinking stops growing, there is a downward trend in some areas, after 2007 toxic bile events, water dispenser market malaise of appetite. With the concept of healthy drinking progress, water purifier spent 07 years in the winter period, the water purifier market began to pick up. Human health drinking water, the drinking water purifier to replace only a matter of time, will eventually replace.

   2. The degree of purification of the water purifier is very high, but only at the initial stage of drinking. Water purifier to filter sediment, rust, chlorine, colloids, organic compounds, etc. heterochromatic smell effective manner, a fundamental solution purification problems. The dispenser includes a heating antivirus functions.

   3. The water purifier direct docking water pipes, drinking fountains and the need to add water, for bucket, very easy to use.

   The above is the difference between drinking fountains and water purifiers, of course, we want to install according to their own situation. Finally, we need to remind you that when using household water purifiers, water purifiers need to be aware at all times of the filter cleaning, ensure that purified water is not contaminated again.

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