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  Water Purifier plug unplugged good or good? Publish Web Site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-11-27 water pollution problem becomes serious day by day, more and more families choose to install a water purifier to ensure family health drinking water, household water purifiers increasingly beginning the more frequent in the lives of ordinary consumers. But a wide variety of water purifiers available in the market, are not the same function, proper nouns on tall for the average consumer did not understand when to buy do not know how to start. Xiao Bian gave you before about the function of RO reverse osmosis water purifier before , but also a detailed analysis in the end with a good barrel or barrels with no good. This article, Xiao Bian will give you analysis of water purifier in the end is good or plug unplugged good, hope to provide some help in the purchase of water purifiers. Giving you an analysis plug unplugged good or good before, first of all we need to know the market RO reverse osmosis water purifier, also known as pure water, are generally plugged in, and ultrafiltration water purifier is not need unplugged. RO reverse osmosis water purification is reverse osmosis water purifier using a reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology, the "in vitro kidney" in the world. It filtration accuracy of about 0.0001 microns, either rust, silt, colloids, suspended solids, or heavy metals dissolved in the water, inorganic salts, organic matter, bacteria and so on can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. Water passing through the reverse osmosis membrane can be achieved standard drink straight. UF UF water purifier water purifier using the ultrafiltration technology, which is a purely physical filtering, mainly relying on the microporous surface of the membrane filter, the water pressure only is sufficient. Membrane filtration accuracy of about 0.01 microns, the primary filter bacteria, rust, colloid, sediment, suspended solids, organic molecules and other harmful substances. However, water soluble small molecules because of their small size, so can not be filtered out, wherein the body comprises a beneficial molecules, such as calcium, zinc, iron ions, of course, including arsenic, mercury, lead and harmful ions . Xiao Bian summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of reverse osmosis water purification machines, we can according to your own home and water quality requirements, compare to buy. Advantages and disadvantages of reverse osmosis water purification filter: reverse osmosis water purification unit capable of removing various harmful impurities in the water, the water taste better, can effectively reduce the water hardness, the container does not have a scale boiler. Cons: confidential use reverse osmosis water purification pumps need electricity, wastewater will be more, but the price will phaseUltrafiltration water purifiers little higher chance. Advantages and disadvantages of ultrafiltration water purifier: UF water purifier normally no pumps, power is not generally used in the normal municipal water line pressure, less waste generated, can be retained in mineral water substances and trace elements. Disadvantages: Ultrafiltration water purifier machine no strong effect of removing scale and chemical contaminants in water, there may be some harmful ion can not be effectively filtered. Finally, to sum up Xiao Bian, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration water purifier water purifier has advantages and disadvantages, no kind of water purifier is perfect. In general terms, the safe water quality reverse osmosis water purification filter, can remove the water of harmful substances, and can reduce water hardness, no scale. If your home is located relatively poor environment, water pollution is serious, RO reverse osmosis is a good choice. In contrast, ultrafiltration water purifiers power consumption is small, the joint is relatively small, simple, cheap. If your home water quality is better, then you can choose ultrafiltration unit, but Xiao Bian also be advisable to boil water used for drinking again after ultrafiltration machine filtering.

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