Smart water purifier working principle and method of use

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   intelligent water purifier is also alive in peoples lives, the concept of intelligent water purifier is very novel, but also make people issue, in the end there are questions about what the role of intelligent water purifiers, water purifiers how intelligent works how kind? intelligent use of water purifier has what, heres a place you a brief introduction about it.



   Smart purifier works:

   In addition to the basic functions of an ordinary water purifier, with a high density activated carbon filters, UV light, and intelligent monitoring system, not only can effectively filter reading more than 140 kinds of intelligent wafer harmful substances, the electronic module records to determine the remaining life and usage, the top LED display with sound and flashing lights to alert the user functioning . From the inlet to the outer layer to an ultraviolet filter cassette, to precisely filter the water naked eye can not see the harmful chemicals, while strongly adsorbed the color, odor, really purify drinking water straight standards.

   use of smart water purifier:

   First, how to clean water purifiers:


   used again when the water purification is clean, rinse about 3-5 minutes.

   more than 10 days or even longer, 15 minutes or more is flushed. Rinse until all the water so far. Otherwise there will be odors.

   2. Exclude impurities

   open the discharge port, impurities excluded. Re-use, open sewage outfall, so as to avoid congestion, no water or odor.

   3. When it is necessary to replace the filter element

   6 months or even longer without the use of the water purifier, filter will lead to functional failure.

   to clean the filter, to see if there is water effect, there is no need to replace the filter.

   4. Turn off the tap water inlet

   a long time, close the inlet valve. In order to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the faucet off.

   5. Backwash water purifier filter

   does not use more than a month, the entire clean the filter once again use. Shun after washing, poor water quality and the water is small, it can be backwash.



   Second, the filter life Note

   PP cotton filter to remove impurities from water; activated carbon filter for adsorption of different color, odor, chlorine and the like; nanofiltration membrane filtered water bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and the like.

   PP cotton 4-6 months to replace, in the pre-carbon filter replacement 6-12 months, nanofiltration, after replacement of activated carbon in about 12 months.

   above method is to use knowledge of intelligent water purifier water purifier works and intelligent introduction, and I believe you should have looked more understanding of it, is only for your reference, hoping to help.

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