Why water purifier smell- How to deal with-

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   Some water purifiers users will suddenly find that, although their own water purifier out of the water is not green, but find it a little odor, what happens then? Everybody but not to find a sale, point of view Xiao Bian several ways to look at your analysis, you may be able to exclude their own problems.




Why water purifier smell? How to deal with? (Photo from Internet)

   1. The water purifier whether to retire for some time?

   first need to consider whether or not to use the water purifier is in a stopped state long-term, when the water purifier period of inactivity, re-use must be repeatedly cleaned, remove stagnant water remaining in the water purifier.

   2. The water purifier whether routine cleaning?

   If the home water purifier for long periods of flushing, it will form a residue of dirt in the filter, water quality and taste.

   said above two questions, actually you choose to pay more money to buy a water purifier with intelligent flushing the line, it will be very hard working, give yourself a bath, fresh water forever.

   3. To protect the water purifier clean yet?

   If you just installed a water purifier when this problem occurs, this situation is due to the protective liquid in the water purifier filter is not completely clean result, the solution is simple, open sewage outfall, then turn on the faucet, flush the machine for about 10 minutes.

   If, after more than three measures failed to solve the problem with the water purifier odor, then use the last big move: Call sale!

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