The rapid development of electronic business enterprise to b

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   electricity supplier ferocious momentum of development, has become a new engine of economic growth, which makes a lot of water purifier company sees great potential inherent in online shopping, while continuing to explore the electricity supplier for the industry pattern, but also to the water purifier business try it. However, the electricity supplier of operations, logistics and consumer experience is no small obstacle.

   fierce momentum of development of electronic business enterprises need water purifier market saw the development of the situation

   China development of electronic business is divided into three

   "If the development of Chinas electricity supplier industry is divided into three, then the first round of the outbreak of the category is virtual goods, the second round is super product category, water purifiers and other building materials should be the flashpoint for the third round of Chinas e-commerce development. "the official said, in other countries, accounting for the purchase of building materials by the electricity supplier channels around 10%, but the proportion in China is still low, indicating that the industry is huge room for growth.

   water purifier development of electronic business advantage in

   water purifier electronic business platform to do is to simplify the chain, transparency is a good thing for customers, medium and small water purifier For enterprises it is a good thing. If there is a mall model in terms of electricity supplier middle platform, domestic water purifier water purifier market and exports will benefit greatly. Chinese enterprises overseas in water purification electricity providers have two advantages: "First, although foreign e-commerce also do water purifier market, but the majority of the number of local suppliers overseas market far less than China, so the local electricity supplier business is not strong supply chain integration capabilities; second, there are many Chinese companies are going out, and their supply chain is difficult to set up a short time at a local, so if there is a home appliance business platform to help them form a supply chain , for the platform itself will be a good opportunity for domestic small and medium suppliers provide new export opportunities. "

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