Victor purifier high-speed rail ad again help dealers develo

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   At present, the Chinese high-speed railway operating mileage of over 22,000 km, the annual passenger volume exceeded 1.6 billion people, has become the dream of many brands promote the new entrance, the role of the media in the high-speed rail station is also increasingly important. In the eye economic times, in order to establish a benchmark in the industrys brand image, we must identify the propaganda focus.

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   2017, Victor Victor home water purifier on invested heavily to build large-scale, high-frequency, high-speed rail brand advertising, the brand into the fast lane era of high-speed rail marketing . At the beginning of 2018, Victor House and in the Hefei South Station waiting room, a large density of more than 2,000 seats arranged advertising, the overall picture of atmospheric shock, a strong visual impact, memorable. May, Victor home high-speed rail advertising overweight again, while the published ads on Anhui cities of Hefei South Station, Chaohu East Station, Tongling North Station and other high-speed rail station entrance gates, multi-angle to show the house brand of Victors, with breadth of coverage and dissemination of accurate form of a combination, let Victors home brand a household name. High-speed rail station in the ad is branding important form Victor House 2018 year, the company invested heavily, strike out, not just advertising speed, but also to further develop the brand, marketing, promotion, and many other activities to improve the Victor House visibility, enhance brand value of Victors home.

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