Walter Power 315, Waltopen genuine security check

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   315 is the annual Consumer Protection Day, all brands will have It may be focused on suffocating under the spotlight, scrutiny by the national industry and commerce, quality inspection, media and consumers. For this products self-confidence and responsibility, Walter open "Walter product security code query system", simply enter the product bar code can check whether Walter is authentic!

   Query Walter authenticity of the product of three methods:


   1, landing, fill product at an outer security code 20 security code on the package and click query to enter the verification code

   2, the first step by calling the query: security scratch coating affixed to the boot body (above), denoted 21 verifies the digital in the coating;

   Second step: dial 400-678-8315, the input 20 to verify the digital telephone voice prompted press "#" key for authentication.

   If it is genuine manufacturers,

   you will be prompted: Hello, welcome to purchase Walter Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. produced products;

   If it is fake products,

   will be prompted an error message when the query!

   3, by sending a query message

   The first step: the scratch-off coating 21 verifies the digital note the under coating;

   Step two: 21 106 695 887 808 to verify the digital sending, SMS will prompt you to buy the product whether the official authentic.

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