Water purifier is no longan optional choice, but a trend

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   Modern safety of food and water increasingly attach importance to environmental protection and pollution-free fruits and vegetables more popular, but also to ensure that natural home drinking water clean. What kind of water to drink what kind of health, more and more people to drink tap water at the same time, more and more at ease, more and more recognized drink water is a serious scientific question.



   Why water purifier has become the standard home decoration?

   In fact after the water boil, still no way to remove the water harmful substances, even after boiling, do a simple sterilization, chlorides, heavy metals will not reduce the need to address these issues further water purifier, water purifier and this is the reason more and more people are welcome.

   using a water purifier What are the benefits:

   For families, the installation of a home water purifier can be said to have a home small water plant, do not worry about water pipe network of secondary pollution caused during transportation. Household water purifier water of high purity, easy to use, family members can always drink healthy water quality, but also with respect to bottled water and bottled water is safer.

   1. cleaner than plain water

   Although the boil of water, some bacteria had died, but alum in water, sediment, rust , high temperature bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful substances can not be removed even by boiling.

   2. peace of mind than bottled water, save time, save money

   Many people use bottled water instead of tap water to drink, but the market bottled water on cohabitation, the quality of worrying. Also bottled water must finish within a certain time deadline, a large number of breeding bacteria microbes, harmful to human health.

   3 can effectively remove harmful substances

  Working Principle

   The water purifier mostly through various filters (e.g. PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane, ozone sterilization, etc.) The aqueous layers purification, to achieve the purpose of removing impurities. After water purifier filter water safe to drink.


   is the first pre-filter the crude whole house water filter device, typically installed in the home water , the water can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony family water. Role is to filter sediment, rust conduit deposition, algae and other large particulate matter, in order to protect the water pipe of the house, water purifiers, water heaters, washing machines, shower head, faucet end.

   Water Filters

   is generally installed in the kitchen water purifier, water play finer filtering effect, different types of water purification different machine with filtering accuracy of the filter. Membrane filter in the filtration accuracy 0.01 m, macromolecules can filter out colloidal contaminants, bacteria and algae. Ultrafiltration out of the water has much better taste than tap water, the water quality good areas through water ultrafiltration water purifier filters can drink straight; poor areas it is recommended to boil before drinking it, or is increased with pure water.

   of pure water

   water machine water purifier of the RO membrane is used, there is a name for RO reverse osmosis water purification unit, RO reverse osmosis water purifier of the RO membrane in the filter pore size is extremely small, only 0.0001 microns, the diameter of the hair in a million. Water machine can filter substances include almost all impurities sediment particles, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, calcium and magnesium ions, and other minerals.

   need to be reminded that some questioned say the market for pure water machine will say "pure water filtration minerals are filtered out, drink a long time not on the body good. "in fact, do not worry too much, because the minerals in the water itself is a very small amount, our daily source of minerals mainly foods such as fruits and vegetables, water will not achieve a significant role.

   enjoy healthy clean water, water purification machines is not an optional choice, but a trend, modern home essential products. >> Click to see more, make an appointment to understand water purifier offer.

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