Summer drinking bge easy method to pay attention to wateroxi

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   In the hot summer, the bodys metabolism increases, a lot of sweat, you lose a lot of mineral elements in the human body. Therefore, in addition to pay attention to replenish moisture, we also need to pay attention to replenish nutrients. Summer drink plenty of water should pay attention to what? Take a look at how experts say it!




Summer drinking binge easy method to pay attention to water intoxication (Photo from Internet)

   the water content of the human body, male> female

   [ 123] As we all know, water is important for organisms. Scientists have discovered that the human body is composed of 60% water, the water content in the body of a man in fact higher than women, because of the high proportion of male body Loin tissue, female body fat content and more. The water content is much higher than the muscle fat. Adult, with increasing age, the bodys water content is gradually reduced, but the regulation of water for the important role of human health has increased drastically.

   body of water anywhere to go?

   the human body is 60% water, the water discharged every day 1000-1500ml of urine from feces discharged about 300ml, breath out of water about 300-500ml, sweating about 500ml, hot weather, vigorous exercise or heat loss through sweating when water will be greatly increased. The average person needs each day 2000-2500ml water, about 700-1000ml from food and fruits, their body metabolism will produce about 300ml water, and the rest mainly by drinking water to supplement.

   Why summer drink more?

   drinking water is a life of trivia, but not trivial, drinking water should also pay attention to posture. During the summer we need more water, when the body of water shortage, thirst center in the hypothalamus sense will be excited, we feel thirsty, please water as soon as possible this time, little by little, gradually add water drinking many times. The elderly feel thirsty central insensitive, but should take precautions, feeling a little thirsty should supplement a small amount of water to avoid adverse effects on water produced by the body.

   binge drinking taboo

   a lot of water on the body is very unfavorable when thirst. Because a lot of water will make our first expansion of the stomach, gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to temperature changes and rapid traction, if once ingested large amounts of water, especially when cold drink our stomachsIntestinal cramps or abdominal discomfort easy symptoms. Secondly, the large amounts of water absorbed into the bloodstream leads to decrease blood concentration of sodium chloride, in severe cases can lead to water intoxication, which is a very critical situation, because too much moisture will penetrate into the brain tissue, leading to brain edema and intracranial hypertension, causing neurological symptoms, patients with dizziness, headache, hallucinations and even coma, not treated were likely to endanger life. Can rapidly through the kidneys to discharge excess water when a healthy adult intake of more water from the body, to regain the sodium and water balance in the body, regulate renal function in the elderly poor, so a lot more prone to water intoxication when fresh drinking water.

   salt water is a good thing

   sweat contains water and salt, after a lot of sweat, when we add water right amount can add some salt, which can effectively avoid water intoxication, but excessive amount of time can not be ingested when drinking salt water, because too much sodium and water load for our lifes most important pump - the heart is an extra burden.

   Chronic Diseases drink some method

   Many elderly people suffer from some chronic diseases, these diseases for drinking water also have their own requirements. Patients with high blood pressure, heart disease and chronic heart failure in particular need to be careful, inappropriate drinking habits may have elevated blood pressure, increased heart failure important reason oh. Drinking in patients with chronic kidney disease if the "preoccupied" because the kidney is an important regulator of the bodys water and electrolyte balance organs, patients with renal failure, the water can not be excreted, drinking too much will increase tissue edema, severely reducing the quality of life. If patients with cirrhosis drinking too much will lead potbellied - an increase in ascites. So there are old people drinking habits chronic diseases must follow the guidance of a doctor, to avoid because this "little things" caused unnecessary trouble.

   water, appears to be a very simple thing, but also pay attention to ways and means to correct drinking diet can make the body more healthy.

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