Shanghai ushered in the tenth anniversary of Intnational Wat

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   June 7, the worlds largest International Water Exhibition - Shanghai International Exhibition kicked off the water. As the annual water industrys top event, the Shanghai Water Show this year is ushered in extraordinary significance of the 10th anniversary celebration, various kinds of "black technology", the major brands competing to fight Yan, dedicated to a new water industry, gluttonous feast of new technologies. Hong Kong-listed companies, Chinas leading commercial water purification Ho Chak water purifier brand, with full sense of design and a large exhibition hall 324銕?original black industry-leading technology - smart water chip technology has become a major attraction. Meanwhile, Ho Chak comprehensive display of high-quality water purification products and security intelligence water purification solutions in a multi-scene, so that visitors feel the Ho Chak water purifier interoperability wisdom of life.

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   chip technology innovation and black water technology exhibition debut global water

   According to the organizers revealed that the tenth anniversary of the Shanghai Water Show will reach most of Asia, the site covers an area of 鈥嬧€?0 square meters, the site has more than 3200 enterprises from home and abroad to participate. Accompanied by a wave of consumption upgrade, the water industry is also facing industrial upgrading. The debut of Ho Chak water chip technology, based on Ho Chak leading international APO + safe water purification technology, so that water purification products to abandon the traditional external storage tank design pressure and increases the effective water supply to 25%. At the same time, the integration of innovative integrated design, not only saves water connections and the number of PE pipes more than 80%, the risk of leakage is reduced to 0.000001%, 80% and more increase the efficiency of production and assembly. In addition, anti-counterfeiting technology allows each filter water purifier has its own unique identity ID, automatic identification filter authenticity. It is worth mentioning that the chip Ho Chak water Drinking water purifier protective shell exterior can be personalized according to customer demand, it also created a customized precedent for the water industry.

   This is Ho Chak innovations debut in the world of international water exhibition. As Chinas leading environmental technology companies, this is not the first time bring innovative Ho Chak black technology products and technology, as early as 2007, Hao Ze on independent research and development APO + safe water purification, water purification technology for China at the forefront of the world . The water-chip technology allows users to enjoy the intelligent "future security of water purification life" convenient experience.

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   innovative smart products bring peace of mind to the wisdom of life experience

   in this international water exhibition, Ho Chak water purifier demonstrated "Future smart technology exhibition of life" for the audience unprecedentedShock, Ho Chak intelligent healthy ecosystem full range of products and upgrade business models are also full debut. In the experience area, spectators exhibitors display the tap water quality data through smart and intuitive experience before and after purification, to understand the situation loss of the filter, and mobile water purification end-Ho-taek home platform into the mobile phone via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other entry, feel Hao Ze intelligent healthy water the magic of life.

   safe clean water in the experimental area, exhibition visitors can learn about the latest research in the laboratory famous Ho Chak and ozone build a university in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Zhejiang University and other water safety laboratories. Zhejiang University Professor Chen Zaiming went to the site to share more experimental basis ultimate safety Ho Chak water purification technology, and the scene of the demonstration experiments.

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   Security Ho Chak water purification technology is the cornerstone of everlasting, and Ho Chak is being built to cover all aspects of intellectual ecosystem of consumers living in different life situations, Ho Chak has a different water health products give users secure and convenient care. Go out of time, can be detected by the smart meter moisturizing skin condition and reasonable pay, so that the skin moist at all times to stay healthy; in the office, commercial Drinking water purifier according to different requirements and working hours, time switch and heating, security exemption risks while saving the power resources; home from work, not only on style kitchen, under the kitchen straight drink water purification 10 cm last line of defense to establish safe drinking water, ho Chak intelligent air purifiers can also make the whole family feel at ease breathing; Travel or on a business trip at the airport train station, direct drinking water can be adjusted in real time according to the different characteristics of temperature, precise temperature control, to avoid scalding water, sweet and reliable ... .. It can be said ho Chak intelligent and convenient experience for innovation is no longer water appliances cold machine, but the users intimate life assistant.

涓婃捣鍥介檯姘村睍杩庢潵鍗佸懆骞?娴╂辰鍑€姘撮粦绉戞妧鍞卞搷涓昏鎴? src=

   innovative demand-driven to lead the industry

   Insiders pointed out that the current Shanghai International Water Exhibition, Ho Chak not only showcase the worlds leading Black & technology and products, but also shows ho Ze very forward-looking and innovative strength in the field of intelligent water industry, which also laid the foundation ho Chak consolidate in the future market competition.

   In the 10th anniversary of the Shanghai International Water Exhibition on the occasion, Ho Chak innovation and development of clean water for many enterprises have a valuable inspiration. Chinese water industry is booming in recent years the annual rate rising to 30%, but water purification equipment also face the problem of uneven product technology. As a leadingChinas intellectual-made water purification appliances business, Ho Chak always adhere to the user demand-driven technological innovation, leading the development of the industry trends and new consumer trend, and guide changes in consumer lifestyles. It also makes Ho Chak not only achieved good market performance, was awarded the industrys reputation is well-deserved national environmental pioneer.

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