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   refers to "home appliances", I believe many people are not unfamiliar. The period from 2008 to 2013, the government has implemented the "home appliances", "TM" and "energy-saving PWM" three policies to achieve the popularity of green upgrades and consumer appliances, in order to promote the expansion of market scale, while but also greatly promote the rural consumer appliances, effectively boosted economic development.

   Today, the "home appliances" might come again.

   January 18, a meeting jointly held by the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of market regulation, the release of the policy signals of home appliances to the countryside again. The meeting stressed that "local conditions to promote the automotive, consumer appliances to support high-quality industrial products to the countryside; efforts to enhance and improve the quality of consumer spending power; efforts to improve consumer policies and sound consumer policy." Obviously, each of the goals, all pointing to "promote consumption."

   This is not a sudden, my countrys economic "steady change," the need to find further room for growth in the domestic market. Just different from the past, in recent years, with the rapid spread of the Internet in district towns, towns consumer attitudes, habits and spending power have a new change this time, which requires retail giants have a new layout and try to adapt even lead this change.

   For example suning.

   capillary layout promote consumer appliances and downstream

   by the end of 2017, Suning opened a large retail development strategy wisdom. By the end of 2018, the cumulative annual Suning shop more than 8,000 stores, including cloud over the town of Suning retail shop new floor over 2000. Suning stores in the country now has a total of more than 11,000.



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   Such capillary-type terminal layout, most Suning good way is the most effective way . China is a vast, rural geographical distribution is extremely complex. The only "a multi-inserted flag", is the key for home appliances smoothly down to the individual towns. In the last round of home appliances tide, it is these dense stores face the existence of rural consumers, only to Suning occupy enough right to speak in the channel, has become a major contributor to push down the appliances. Today, Suning obviously better prepared because of technical Suning gene heavier. This has opened more than ten thousand stores, do not exist independently, butSuning create the digital, intelligent brain that are connected together. This means that, while the retail terminal connection, while connecting suppliers and brands of Suning, can easily brand home appliances to sink to the township to go, so as to promote rural household appliance market to diversify rural consumers will usher more choices.

   but Suning not satisfied with the simple delivery down for skilled use of custom C2B reverse mode, so Suning can do more than that, there are precisely match the needs of the trading volume and transaction efficiencies brought about by promotion, and rural consumers for self-consumption preferences of clear perception.

   is capillary-like terminal layout and technical intelligence brain armed Suning, no doubt will be faster, lighter than in the past, smarter achieve downstream of home appliances, consumer appliances ignite the enthusiasm of the rural market again.

   "quality and a sense of" multi-dimensional drive the consumer to upgrade the township

   from the electricity supplier to super convenience store, this year the entire retail industry have to thank consumption upgrade, because it gives everyone pointed out the hair force direction.

   but rural areas enjoyed by the consumer to upgrade quality and service bonuses, in general, than the city a big difference. But this does not mean that no attention to this gap, above a home appliances original intention to promote balanced urban and rural consumption point of view, a new round of home appliances to the countryside to promote rural consumption will be upgraded to the task. As for the consumer to upgrade the township, nothing more or quality of goods and commodities services fell two aspects, namely the "quality and sense." In this regard, Suning in fact, already have a very appropriate to promote rural consumption upgrade manual.

   On the one hand, by helping to develop service standards and home appliances industry segments, as well as providing more timely and comprehensive appliance service, Suning accelerated evolution in the direction of high quality production side and server. Large appliances such as after-sales service 6S standard, "Standard 30365" (30 days or return, 365 days a replacement), launched in January this year, another example of the "million home appliances free cleaning plan". On the other hand, on the floor of customized brand stores this matter, Suning appliance business and brand are very understanding. For example, in July 2018, Suning Appliance retail Skyworth cloud on the first floor of the model shop. With sinking channels Suning coverage, brands sink is a snap, but a good touch of rural commodity market, is the most significant upgrade of consumption.

   in one hand and high-quality brands, one hand is to optimize the service system,Suning believe that practice will continue to accelerate in these two areas, the rural market consumption upgrade dilemma, will thus usher in a more profound multi-level improvements.

   "Give a man to fish" enabling countryside: Suning path highlights the effectiveness of

   In recent years, sinking, the rise of electronic business entertainment tool, brings a lot to the rural market vitality. But these were not enough, the income gap between urban and rural areas still put in there, we need to be able to direct lesions prescription. In short, to help rural people to achieve substantial, long-term income, it is the most fundamental solution. Suning rural revitalization logic is very simple, is to enhance the capacity of rural business professionals by enabling standardized, in order to achieve income.

   rooted in the vast rural areas of cloud Suning retail shop is an enabling body. Data from CBNData show that in the third quarter of 2018, Suning retail cloud across multiple appliance category washing machines, color TV, etc., have achieved over 100% growth rate. Many mom and pop Suning transformation, is no longer worry about cash flow, is no longer worry too much inventory, worry no more difficult to sell merchandise. For example, in 2018 during the two-eleven, cloud retail sales of more than an hour a day in 2017, an increase of 4023 percent. According to the data show that in 2018 the average single-store retail sales growth of cloud doubled, stocks fell 80%, operating costs by 40% overall improvement in efficiency of 140%.

   At present, Suning retail stores nationwide clouds accumulated over 4000, providing jobs for more than twenty thousand. However, Sunings goal more than that. 2020, Suning plans layout cloud 12,000 retail stores, cultivate more than 1000 sales volume reached ten million gold merchants.

   can be seen, on the one hand by Suning channel sink stimulate consumption potential market towns, promote consumption upgrade. On the other hand and from the business operations continue to energize the towns economy and achieve a multi-dimensional value. This is a unique model of development Suning, but also undoubtedly one of the towns development help select the most efficient path.

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