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   household water purifiers gradually appear between the major family, choose the right home water purifier is a science, here, Marco Polo Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers choose to share household water purification tips with you .

   First, whether a safe and effective sterilization

   Now sterilizing water purification equipment in two ways, one is added disinfectants, part of the agent can kill the bacteria, but the disinfectant contains trace amounts of chemical ingredients harmful to human health; and second, ultraviolet disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection technology is one of the internationally recognized the most effective sterilization technique, because ultraviolet disinfection safe, efficient, quick kill almost all bacteria; and ultraviolet disinfection sterilization using physical principles, without any chemical agents, will not have side effects on the human body.

   Second, the filter element is essential to choose a suitable

   The first generation of water purification primarily by activated carbon, ceramics or the like simple filtration, easy bacteria, pollution of water, fail to effect clean water; water purifier second generation polymer using a variety of artificial membrane filtration, to remove the water harmful effect is remarkable, but it is a fatal flaw of the body is advantageously filtered trace elements. Third Generation water purifier using the nanocrystalline filter technology, a good solution to the second generation of the defect of the water purifier, filter out harmful substances and heavy metals in water and the like. So when you choose a water purifier, be sure to ask clear filter technology used and the media, to see whether to meet their own needs.

   Third, the optional high cost performance

   purifier different structures, different purification effect . In general, a water purification filter of simple structure, based activated carbon, filtered limited capacity, can only use as a coarse filter, the filter is preferably heated to boil water to drink. Most of a water purifier filter are low water purification products, each priced between ten to $ 150.

   Fourth, whether they have a sound service system

   after many consumers buy certain brands, could not find repair service calls or repairs service companies address this situation, so that consumers are helpless, but also caused capitalSource of waste, a lot of water purifiers utterly useless; water purifier aftermarket are mainly concentrated in filter replacement, such as replacing the filter cartridge for long periods, it will pollute the water, water purifiers will become "water is." Select water filter must choose the perfect after-sales service, such as the use of customer service system to track customer information, tips and other customers and the company replace the filter.

   Fifth, if there are health permits this document.

   The user must understand the importance of product quality when purchasing a water purifier. Production of water purifier manufacturers must obtain a health permit higher health supervision departments through technical supervision departments identified, in line with "drinking water standards" countries.

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