Water purification equipment market size over billions Smar+

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   compared to European and American countries, the penetration rate of water purification equipment in my country there is still room for development. Whether drinking water daily, or domestic water, good water environment is to ensure the normal life of residents, to maintain the basic elements of a sustainable society. Today, with the upgrading of consumption and quality of life, water purification equipment that green products are also usher in a new development opportunity.


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   from consultancy Frost & Sullivans "China water purifier market, third-party research report" shows that China water purifier the total market size in 2017 reached 103.3 billion yuan, nearly five-year compound growth rate of 21.6%, to 2022 is expected to reach 233.2 billion yuan, of which 68.6% in 2017 to install a new market accounting for the market, sales of 70.9 billion yuan.

   However, the penetration rate compared to western countries, my countrys water purification equipment is still room for development. In June 3 - the Shanghai International Water Show, held on the 5th, open to health (6.580,0.09,1.39%) Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as "open to health") president, told reporters that Wang Tie, some European countries water purification the penetration rate is 70%, although China more and more people are concerned about the safety of drinking water, as well as daily water, but the water purifier penetration in the family is still low, less than 15%, as well as future great room for growth.

   intelligent upgrade

   this year, January 29, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and other 10 departments jointly issued the "further optimize the supply promote embodiment consumption grew steadily promote the formation of a strong domestic market (2019)." . "Plan" clearly, to support green, smart appliances sales, promote replacement of household appliances.

   Although the rapid development of my countrys home appliance industry and a perfect industrial chain, but green, intelligent products is still not accounted for. According to Institute of forward-looking industry data, from January to September 2018, compared to the online market, at lower line market intelligence penetration. Wherein the air cleaner intelligent high permeability, 32.4%; the cleaning robot (14.970,0.03,0.20%) Next, intelligent penetration 19.2%; smoking machine, water purifier intelligent permeability were 3.5% , 4.0%.

   In the context of the consumer to upgrade and boost domestic demand in my country, the need for water purification productsTo meet the diverse needs of long-term, intelligent direction has also become a lot of water purification company development effort.

   Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Research Institute CCID February this year released "2018 network share analysis report" shows that in 2018, water purification equipment market high-end trend obvious. Strong consumer demand for high-end products, thanks to the emergence of new technology, new features, and high-end water purification equipment to further increase market share in the past year.

   on this water show, water purification equipment with new technologies have appeared, open to healthy water purification products this year are also equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) technology, "so you can make products and customers generating connection. "Tie told reporters, using AI techniques currently being studied in a terminal device, for example by replacing a large collection of data predict cartridge according kitchen hand, different scenarios set different drinking water filtration accuracy" this (AI) algorithms already exist, but there is not enough data is accumulated, I hope the next two years to launch AI water purification products. "

   introduced the Tie is not only intelligent products, currently in Shanghai Pudong opened a healthy industrial park, has also been achieved robot automated production, the introduction of a number of automated production lines, reducing labor costs.

   international cooperation and regional distribution

   At present, my countrys large water purifier in the production and sales of businesses, most are still in the formative years, mergers and international cooperation can achieve greater market opportunities.

   Recently, open to health in addition to the acquisition of Fengyuan Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 51% stake in Guangdong century, cut campus water, also entered into a strategic cooperation with the US General Electric (GE) and Frances Suez Environment Group. Tie said the acquisition of Fengyuan century (equity), from the channels and scenarios to consider, and GE join forces and Suez, is largely combines the advantages of each other, "This will be an American brand, European technology and Chinese manufacturing tripartite combine . want to connect with our family of high-end consumer. "he told reporters.

   In addition to international cooperation complementary, starting in Shanghai has already begun to open to the layout of the Yangtze River Delta region, and has a production base in Wuxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Shanghai headquarters supplemented depending on the industry over the endowment capacity.

   example of Wuxi City, as the birthplace of Chinas environmental protection industry, local enterprises and institutions engaged in the environmental protection industryBit has reached more than 3000, supporting environmental protection industry is relatively complete, and therefore open to health Yixing production base core product is mainly used in large environmental governance scene of the core components - glass barrel. And Ningbo, Shaoxing area since the terminal (small appliances) industry has been a historical strengths, the local plant will end production of water purification equipment based. "Wuxi Yixing Arima is open to companies in the 5 - new and at the end of 2017 the implementation of a company-owned strategic investment six years ago, Ningbo Cixi reference CIC layout at the end of 2015." Open to Health Secretary of the Board, Vice President Jiang Weifang He told reporters.

   In addition, Tie said that as the Yangtze River Delta region close geographical dependency humanities, and in Wuxi, Ningbo cooperation more efficient, local government policies also have some help to them, "such as banks and help us docking, and to find suitable land reserves. "

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