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   HC purification network with the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly high quality dietary requirements many people at home will put some water purifiers, and likes to put bottled water. Many people think that bottled water does not need to boil can drink, but after disinfection, and safe to drink up more at ease. Many people think that drinking bottled water as long as you can, no time limit, in fact, bottled water is a certain shelf life.

   after the relevant studies have shown that bottled water open 5 to 10 days, if there is no time to drink bottled water inside the water and sanitation situation, might show a downward trend, and bottled water bacteria the group will also increase, which appears excessive phenomenon. Therefore, in daily life, for those who prefer to drink bottled water after opening should be finished as soon as possible, which helps prevent the deterioration of water, help the body healthy.

   and some people prefer to drink boiled tap water, because after high temperature boil, the water will kill some bacteria. And now the water around the water sources will be screening a series of processing, disinfection will be placed in the water after them. Although tap water has a certain degree of protection, but in the process tap water transport, it may be affected by external environmental factors, so that some viruses and bacteria in tap water appears. But for most of the viruses and bacteria contained in the water, after high temperature boiling, you may be completely killed.

   then boil tap water and bottled water which is better? For most of the bottled water or purified water are carefully selected, and the loss of some of the elements may make water and nutrients during processing, while tap water contains a lot of minerals and trace elements, these substances help to meet the body necessary nutrients, in particular, can add a variety of trace elements in the body, and after high temperature boiling, when water is relatively safe. Compared to bottled water, the boil tap water, the body may be better.


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