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   July 29, the China Consumer Association (hereinafter referred to as "CASE") announced the first half of 2019, the National Consumers Association organized accept complaints analysis. Among them, consumption of goods and services related to home life is not optimistic.

   Furniture complaints rose 20.8%, household electrical and electronic goods categories of complaints complaints ranked first, clothing, footwear and highlights the quality of after-sales service to be improved.

   in the first half received consumer complaints over 420,000 according to the National Consumers Association organized to handle complaints statistics, the first half of 2019, the National Consumers Association organized a total of 421,373 consumer complaints, resolved 332 885, complaint resolution rate 79%, for consumers to restore economic loss of 573.84 million yuan.

   where the operators had been fraud complaints double compensation in 1794, doubling the amount of compensation 9.79 million yuan. The first half of 2019, the Consumers Association consumer organizations at all levels to support the prosecution 661 different forms, consumers received nearly 770,000 visits and counseling people.

   From the point of view merchandise categories of complaints, household electronic appliances, vehicles, household goods, clothing and shoes and food complaints among the top five. The first half of 2019, there are 192 181 commodity categories of complaints, accounting for 45.6% of total complaints.

   compared with the first half of 2018, the volume of complaints in the top ten categories, except for communications products complaints declined, other product categories of complaints have risen year on year, of which the most growth in the volume of complaints fast three shoes, automobiles and auto parts and food.



complaints among the top ten commodities (unit: piece). FIG / official website in the associations



FIG complaints categories of goods (unit: parts). Figure / Consumers Association official website

   furniture, household appliances and more complaints from

   the first half of 2019, general merchandise categories of complaints was 31,627, accounting for 7.5% of the total complaints, accounting for the proportion of complaints a slight decline of 0.5%, but the proportion of complaints involving furniture has increased by 20.8%.

   in the associations mentioned in the furniture category, consumer problems reflected mainly in: First, the quality problem. Shoddy products, furniture deformed, cracking, peeling during use,Paint chips and so on.

   The second is environmental issues. Furniture plate, finish excessive levels of formaldehyde, hazardous to their health.

   Third, contractual issues. Fails to contract time of delivery and installation, ordering samples and inconsistent in kind, color models do not match, or shoddy, posing with artificial veneer of solid wood furniture.

   Fourth, after-sales service problems. Operators not timely maintenance or for various reasons refused to take "three guarantees" obligations.

   For example, May 28, 2019, Ms. Lee came to consumer complaints Jilin Consumers Association, called in 2018 to buy a set of furniture, worth $ 20,000 less than a year , sofa bed, and there are different degrees of peel phenomenon, consumers think there are quality problems furniture, require the operator to compensation for economic losses 8000 yuan.

   but the operators, however, can only provide to the consumer a lifetime warranty card, can not provide proof of purchase, citing the delay will not solve. Jilin Consumers Association through mediation, the two sides finally reached an agreement, consumers pay 2,000 yuan, a new operator for the consumer to replace the fabric sofa and bed for the upgrade microfiber bed, furniture transportation costs borne by the operator. Consumers are satisfied with the results.

   In addition, household electrical and electronic complaints still more, mainly involved in electronics product quality and after-sales service problems. The first half of 2019, the National Consumers Association at all levels handled household electrical and electronic complaints 49,611, accounting for 11.8% of total complaints, ranking first in merchandise categories of complaints.

   Consumers Association, said home appliance products production and distribution companies, "heavy marketing, light service," the problem still exists, resulting in home appliance products service complaints have been high, the main problems are: First, sales product quality is not high, does not perform according to the provisions of the warranty period, buck-passing to avoid legal liability.

   Second, a small number of testing organizations, to charge high testing costs, and some detection mechanism does not detect directly receive individual commission, to meet the needs of consumer rights. Third, the maintenance of quality is not high, the price charged is too high, after several repairs appliances still can not solve the problem, hard cash sales commitments.

   Fourth, in recent years, rapid beauty of small appliances, small appliances and other smart development, but industry norms, standards have not been established, to a lot of no-name, cottage manufacturers with an opportunity; small appliances are not durable, manufacturers promise of " Three Guarantees "for short,Even without the "three guarantees."

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