Some buy water purifiers catch less take a lot of detours

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   In recent years, water quality has attracted everyones attention and concern, not just environmental factors, more importantly, is a threat to human health. Scientific and technological progress, living standards improved, gradual change peoples way of drinking water, from the traditional to boil drinking now, then the future of water purifier, which is a qualitative leap.

   the development prospects of the water purifier market is excellent. Then, each industry will always be some businesses in order to chase profits and cut corners, shoddy, disrupting market competition. Understand consumer water purifier not many, very content deceived, therefore, to choose the right brand, play less detours, if the optional water purifier brand? According to the following points to choose from.


   is selected for a water purifier depends on the quality of the brand. Economic conditions are good families with high demands on quality and quality, so do not care about the price, as long as the price is high, the quality is good. Some businesses in order to increase profits, speculation concepts, in order to raise prices. Some products are just the beginning of the application of new technology, but the technology is not mature enough, so the price of these products is relatively high, but the actual use ineffective. So do not price as the sole criterion to distinguish which brand water purifier.

   selected from the group of a second number brand water purifier cartridge not better. Now on the market many businesses claim that multi-stage filtration system, the higher the level, the price is expensive, consumers think like quality. In fact, the filtering effect of the filter cartridge depends on the material and changed regularly. There are many on the market known as the eight filter, the industry knows nothing more than the so-called eight PP cotton, activated carbon, and then PP cotton, activated carbon and then ...... repeated use, how effective, can be imagined. Choose which brand water purifier easy to use, to choose the more common market HAPE filters, activated carbon, these technologies are relatively mature level, but also more widely used. Do not be deceived propaganda merchants a!


   the election of the third filter water purifier brand water purifier is to have life. Some businesses misleading consumers, the filter using a long time, like product quality. This is completely the wrong message. The filter cartridge replacement time and different materials but different. If not replace the filter, it will produce secondary pollution of the water inside the water purifier, more harm than good. PP cotton filter 3-6 months; reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filter about 2 years; post carbon (small T33, T33 large) cartridge yearLeft; hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane (UF) of the filter element 3 or more years; sperm washing coconut shell activated carbon filter particles six months to one year; bulk sintered activated carbon (CTO) filter months to a year; medical stone (tourmaline) filter six months to a year; anion energy ball filter six months to a year.

   select the brand of water purifier brand has to choose the fourth sale protection of water purifiers. Water purifier in the course, there will inevitably be a failure, improve customer good service, it is to ensure that the use of water purifiers, water purifiers and the latter also need to regularly replace the filter, if there is no sale, can not replace the filter, water purifier on become a disposable product. Therefore, after-sales service is very important, do not be cheap and the choice is not a hybrid brand of after-sales service.

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