Water purifier manufacturs should build fousvice system

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At present, the water purifier penetration rate in our country is not high, many consumers of water purification products filter replacement and maintenance repair problems in design, installation and post-use is not enough attention that bought a good water purifier can once and for all. And wait until the real problems, lack of timely service protection, so they hate water purifier manufacturers. In fact, the overall low quality of service of the water purification industry, the industry is also a major factor in the rapid and healthy development constraints, the enterprise will be related to the pattern of the brand and to develop future; factory space the size of a water purifier development closely with its after-sales service Relationship. Also why the lack of

   At present, the water purification industry service system is still relatively backward, deep-rooted traditional concept of drinking water and water purification appliances and low consumer awareness of the concept of healthy drinking water. It is precisely because the service is so important, so good service is the inevitable choice water purifier manufacturers, the manufacturers have to provide good service we must start from the following aspects:

   1 established pre-sale, perfect after-sales service system. Mainly pre-performance and major components for customers on product composition and other issues for clients mentioned to answer. Sale feasibility study to install a water purifier for customer premises and the installation process and to develop appropriate ways and guide the customer how to operate and use norms. Sale is the judgment on the issue of consumers to install water purifier that appears in the course of or potential problems arise and resolve.

   2. Build customer information database. Service water purification equipment is life of its post-filter replacement is a great potential market. So for the customer profile information must pay attention to establish a clear, concise repository for customer information and resolve issues aftermarket filter lifetime occurrence, and so do the problems and take advantage of the information memorandum library to do post-service work.

   3. The standard service system. Services related to the project which, time service fees, provide a variety of service-related issues that may arise from the services which service personnel.

   4. Strengthen the sense of service of non-service personnel. Water purifiers and all service work is what people are related to the water purifier business, can not be considered only a rough and associated services, resulting in sales and service personnel are not unified sense of service can not be reconciled with good services.

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