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   Philips filter kettle we should have heard, this brand of good quality filter kettle, and the price is not expensive, it followed the following Xiaobian understanding with Philips filter kettle the price.




Nowadays peoples living standards and the quality of the pursuit of more and more serious carefully, expectations have become more sophisticated, small drinking water is the same, our drinking water is not like watching up so clean, that the home must be purchased filtered water bottle it? In fact, drinking water safety has been of concern to consumers, but beyond the reach of ordinary people on the water quality of public water pipes, to drink safe water to drink to avoid tap water scale, impurities, buy filter kettle to solve the scale the problem is very necessary, and filter kettle has a small, beautiful, portable, etc., Philips filter kettle is relatively good quality brand, lets look together Philips filter kettle price comes the question it.


Philips filter kettle coconut shell activated carbon particles, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and activated carbon rod core technologies, strong filtering effect, the filter can be efficiently rust, sediment, bacteria, macromolecules, chlorine and other harmful substances, reduce potentially carcinogenic chemicals, while retaining the necessary minerals and trace elements.


Philips filter kettle Features:


1, coconut shell activated carbon particles: effectively absorb chlorine, heterochromatic odor;


2, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane: active filter out bacteria, microbes, sediment, chlorine, reducing potentially carcinogenic chemicals;


3, carbon rods: effectively absorb chlorine, chemical pesticides, color and odor filter minor impurities;


4, LCD reminder system for the core: lazy timely reminder to replace the filter without special memory;


5, the dust seal design: let sealed storage purified water, secondary pollution is not to take the the machine;


6, health permits: Philips production of each product has a water purification Ministry of health issued the corresponding models of its "related to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document" and designated by the State Water products inspection department "test report."


is a filter kettle Philips brand good price, quality clearance, not expensive, since the materials at different prices, the filter capacity is also from 100 yuan to 600 yuan.


Above is Xiaobian to introduce price situation Philips kettle and filter the brand features of the product, they buy in the future filter kettle when you can consider this brand of product, if you feel that these presentations were not enough, want to know more more families are drinking less knowledge, please continue to focus on Internet cafes.




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