What qualifications required wer purifier manufacturs to bid

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   Since the water purifier from entering the country, has been started late, great potential and broad market characteristics maintained a high growth rate in the market, while adding fresh water as the industry leader, but also by the majority of recognized by consumers, which is why the main reason why the fresh water can stand out in a number of water purifier manufacturers in the tender plus.



   plus fresh water purifier, there are strict specifications in terms of selection processes, product development, safety certification and other raw materials, in a bid seasonal water purifier plus always been the product of stability, security first, and had advanced technology to effectively solve the ills of traditional water purifiers, water purifiers would also add in several successful and laid a solid foundation for fresh water.

   When have so many highlights and potential water purification business to appear tender, it is difficult not to notice the tender side capable of winning but also to its name, here, too, I wish add fresh water purifier can get better and better, provide more and better water purification equipment for different tender side!

   said so much, the water purifier bid the process is kind of how it? purifier which qualified bidders need it?

   First, in accordance with the requirements for the relevant bidders, suppliers CA certificate for

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   (a) for the process

   digital certificates later CA 鈫?CA digital certificate is bound, activated.

   (ii) the operation flow

   1. later CA digital certificate

   2. CA digital certificates bind

   provide the following information to handle CA digital certificate is bound.

   Second, the required information:

   1.CA digital certificate (CA medium);

   1. The business license original business license and a stamped seal;

   [ 123]

   2. the units issued by the CA key users and legal power of attorney and ID card using the CA commissioned a copy of the official seal stamped with the

   3.CA key users application form.

   4.CA use digital certificates undertaking.

   The handle unit issued by the CA key and a copy of the power of attorney entrusted CA ID card and a stamped seal.

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