Water purifier sampling failed entprise mutual prevacation a

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   Recently, the State Administration of Quality Supervision organize provincial quality supervision department of the 33 water purifier manufacturers to carry out law enforcement inspection showed that 13 companies of some products failed. Some of these products not only purify water, but water pollution. The water purifier sampling failed enforcement results mixed reactions, some still failed model online sales.



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   sampling failed brand mixed reactions

   [123 ] AQSIQ test results show that a certain brand of pure water products, water quality and water quality, as there is no publicity. And the product of the responsible person initial inspection results are not necessarily accurate, it is still in the review stage, and so everything came out to review the results of external announced.

   For the water purifier product sampling failure event, a brand official said, substandard products are caused by the filter problem. The brand water purifier filter cartridge from Guangzhou, a supplier, companies will cease to cooperate, and the first time through another state authority qualified supplier of filter material replaced with a new supplier. For when another water purifier sampling failed, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the product, the other side hung up the phone directly.

   section are still selling substandard products

   Reporters found that the failure of the test water purifier is still sold in the shop. As a consumer reporter claiming to consult a factory outlet store owner, ask the product has recently been detected in failure, whether the purchase can rest assured, the owner responded by saying AQSIQ detection products are scrapped last year, manufacturers do not destroy the product, and their products are sold recently produced, with a qualified test report.

   in a shop, the reporter also saw the failure of the water purifier sales page, and a record deal. For online sales of substandard products is still the issue, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau official said, if it is found still selling substandard products, consumers can report to the local industrial and commercial bureau. When a reporter visited the city several appliance stores, and did not see the unqualified products on sale, but when the reporter asked a few customers in the selection of water purifier, the other side have said he did not know the water purifier sampling failure events for a list of failed companies also ignorant.

   Buy purificationIs to buy a good brand

   the face of a wide variety of water purifiers on the market, consumers how to choose the experts remind consumers:? Be sure to buy a good brand, choose water purifiers do not be cheap, pay attention to quality .

   According to experts, people buy a water purifier, filter membrane is the key. Currently, the main use of home water purifier is a membrane separation technique, and in accordance with the degree of filtration, water purifiers can be classified into coarse filter (activated carbon adsorption), ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis 4 classes from coarse to fine filtration mode, currently its most popular ultra-filtration membrane technology. Currently water purifier on the market, 99% do not have the ability to manufacture filter elements are assembled. Good water filter, filter technology is guaranteed. Because there are many "cottage water purifier" on the market, people buy to pay attention to the brand, we must see whether the water purifier certified by the Ministry of Health and relevant state institutions.

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