Water purification agents franchisees well and winning six e

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鍑€姘村櫒浠g悊鍔犵洘鍟嗘湁鏂?鍏ぇ瑕佺礌鍔╁埗鑳滃競鍦? width= For the franchisee in terms of water purification agents, we want to invest in business success, you need a good lead terminal market. As the water purification agents to join, how to do a good end market to seize market share? In fact, the success did not imagine so difficult, do the following six processes, we can better help water purification agents franchisee good end market.

   1. Terminal site

   plane purifier Agent store location. It is located in the terminal building process, the key exception, good location, help to improve the terminal sales volume. Target people, transportation, ancillary products, convenience, utilities, communications, and other costs should be taken into account. Franchisee in the selection process, as far as possible in the appliance industry clusters near the market, mall, building materials market, bathroom market and other household items to gather.

   2. The store terminal built

   bound water purification system stores products visual capacity store appearance design and construction. Water purifier store both the appearance of the store, or shop furnishings, water purification experience the design of the room, counter stools and chairs placed, a set of store design, by the water purification group experienced designers to design. Specification professional store image, brand communication helps to promote the terminal sales.

   3 product display

   Display water purification products should be carried out in accordance with a first visual display region, a first selection zone, the product public areas. Agents can design the most sophisticated water purification products on display in the first visual area, namely the area closest to the door. The best-selling first selection should display region, i.e., the product stood easily touch area. Volkswagen products on the lower end of the area. Other ancillary products can be placed in-store inconspicuous area. About furnishings store products, water purification Group specializing in the marketing staff will be the first time to help agents, so that consumers enter a store they can clearly tell which is the best-selling product, which is the latest listing of products.

   4. Terminal Material

   terminal material is mainly to create atmosphere, easy for consumers to understand the product as soon as possible, prompting consumers to impulse buy tools, it is to promote the terminal sales practices "second eye ", is very important. The main terminal publicity materials include: product publicity pictures, brand promotional brochure, posters, multimedia, jewelry, exclusive gifts. The gifts printed with LOGO, and choose portable, practical value, brand communication gifts such as mugs, umbrellas, hatsAnd the like.

   5. end of training

   refers to the end of training agents training system terminal marketing knowledge, including two modules, namely training products expertise and marketing shopping guide etiquette skills. Product expertise by the technical personnel of the Department, on product materials, processes, performance, maintenance, installation, maintenance, etc. to explain the training, to join the product did such charge, as well as franchisee of competing products modest understanding to to know ourselves, know yourself. As director of training by the marketing skills of personal training, including training personnel image, etiquette, service standards, terminology reception, shopping guide skills training terminal marketing knowledge. A comprehensive training system for the franchisee agents help all regions lot.

   6. Terminal Services

   water industry service approach to the "one year replacement, five-year warranty and lifetime maintenance" as a benchmark, to carry out every shop, and assist agents cultivation of high-quality logistics service personnel, the idea of 鈥嬧€媗eaving the service in good faith "to implement the service in the work of each, so that every customer satisfaction hundred percent.

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