Understanding a treatment of secoary pollution caused by wat

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   secondary pollution, water purifier water purifier of people may know is not right, do not water purifier is even more do not say, secondary pollution should know that in many water purification water purification industry caused but I believe that many sales people are not told users that they can cause secondary pollution, water purifiers under what circumstances, is not the product of smallpox disorderly drunk is blowing told you to clear, due to late water purifier maintenance the cost of the product inside the appliance industry is the highest, so often see business yuan said that we do not need to change the water filter cartridge, as long as clear on it ... so a number of similar cases columns, lets talk about water purifier under what circumstances will cause secondary pollution, how we deal with change.



   with the secondary pollution after a long period of time due to useless:

   We know the water too long storage time students will be harmful bacteria, if there is no running water for a long time through the filter pumps, etc., remaining above water will have bacteria, it will cause harmful if consumed directly on the body. Processing method, the filter taken out machine cleaning, washing pump. After cleaning the equipment on, power and let the water in about fifteen, exclude no clean harmful bacteria substances. Here is the water treatment machines, other ultrafiltration machine is the same cleaning cartridge, let the water through the filter to exclude not clean bacteria.

   cartridge very long time to replace the secondary pollution caused by:

   We know that after a period of use of the filter must be replaced, Do not listen to those vendors, as long as they do not change the filter to wash it, activated carbon with a long time will lose function, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane is contaminated can not be how clean it is impossible not to use the time to clean look, even because the long-term will not replace the filter caused by bacteria inside, causing the water undrinkable, but has no functional effect of activated carbon to purify water, even if the film does not give cause secondary pollution caused by water can not drink. The solution is to replace the filter, activated carbon filters are generally replaced every six months, pp cotton replaced every six months to a year, replaced every film a year, mainly based on the amount of water and local water qualityTo decide, to replace the filter is more expensive, a friend said he bought the reaction of a certain brand of water purifier, replace the filter plus service fee charged him fifteen hundred, which is well-known brand, the market water purifier five filters prices generally about four to five hundred.

   secondary pollution

   water purifier brand-name failed due to:

   friends should have the experience to rural areas, the first day of publicity, the next day send something, some small household things to sell on the third day, the fourth began five days to buy water purifier dealers, as well as free drop-off charge only the cost of installing dealers, both sales model first in rural areas most used, the name of a certain foreign brands, CCTV co-branded and other slogans to get the trust of the people, saying there is more hateful water purifier can prolong life, cure all diseases, government subsidies to install water purifiers, altogether with some they asked the village committee secretary of the means of cooperation, such as sales people to install water purifiers means frequent. Such mode of selling water purifiers, our minds first reaction should be used? Water is the source of life, the choice of these water purifier of the brand we should do a full understanding of what they sell the water purifier is that this brand is not fake. When know why there are these that fly cheap does not account for it, but by this way of selling water purifiers to sell 70% of small brands or problematic machine products, small brands can rest assured that no problem, if you encounter a problem the machine, in the course of only can not play water purification function, can also cause secondary pollution of water, would not be able to drink the water, then pollution, the consequences can be imagined. Many people believe that rural water electrolysis and TDS they do give you experiment, in fact, these not enough to prove the water you can drink, just say TDS lower than 50 to meet the requirements of drinking, not to say you can drink, drinking water also includes water there are no exceedance containing harmful substances, metallic substances. If it is to buy substandard water purifier is recommended not to use as soon as possible, to avoid damage to the body caused more harm than good.

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