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   learned a lot of customers in the reverse osmosis water purifier (commonly known as water machine) there after concentrated water discharge, I feel this is a waste of water resources. Why reverse osmosis water purifier must have concentrated water discharge? Today, experts from the perspective of the principle of reverse osmosis water purifier to tell you about.




Why reverse osmosis water purifier must have water discharge concentrate? (Picture from the network)

   First, the principle of a reverse osmosis membrane

   In the RO membrane is impermeable to atmospheric pressure. A high pressure pump allowing water molecules to pass through a strong pressure, but the volume is much larger than viruses and bacteria RO membrane pore size, will be filtered out. Including some are filtered out of the beneficial minerals and trace elements are. The current water machine has not been smart enough to recognize what is good or bad matter what the material, all filtered through the only water molecules, which is reverse osmosis.

   Reverse osmosis is a sufficient pressure to solvent solution (often referred to generally water) through the reverse osmosis membrane (a kind of semi-permeable membrane) and separated out in the opposite direction to the direction of penetration, greater than the osmotic pressure may be used the reverse osmosis separation, purification and the solution was concentrated. Can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, viruses, bacterial endotoxin, and most of the organic substances and the like using reverse osmosis technology. The main target reverse osmosis membrane separation is an ion-range solution without chemicals can be effectively removed salt water desalination system rate is generally 98% or more. Therefore, reverse osmosis is the most advanced and most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly way of a desalination.

   Second, the water is in operation why effluent

   From the foregoing description, we already know, the core components of the reverse osmosis membrane pure water in the course of work is actually a the concentrated liquid process, as the salinity of the water surface of the water through the reverse osmosis membrane is continually increasing, the osmotic pressure of water increases constantly. When the osmotic pressure of the booster pump increases, the water can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane water purification inflow end. Also due to the increasing concentration of minerals in water, a number of sections substance (such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, silicon) will be deposited in the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane, the reverse osmosis membrane pores and plug, resulting in decreased reverse osmosis membrane and desalinated water production rate (reverse osmosis membrane the ability to remove the inorganic salts in water) drop. Work in process water for the above phenomenon to be avoided, all of the applications in the reverse osmosis membrane has a water inlet can be madeThe ratio of product water, called "recovery."

   Product Recovery = water into the water 梅 脳 100%

   If a reverse osmosis system, meaning that have high water reverse osmosis system has a higher recovery. Usually we can improve the system by increasing the recovery of a series of reverse osmosis, but household water usually only use a reverse osmosis membrane, which means a reasonable system of almost all of the water machine currently on the market recovery is the same, higher than any of the reasonable value of the products are poorly designed products, are to reduce the cost of reverse osmosis membrane life. Currently more reasonable and economic recovery is 30%.

   Third, there are reducing the amount of water for wastewater way?

   Currently on the market there are many products claiming no water or little water machine wastewater. Currently on the market there are three commonly used programs, to analyze the feasibility under current.

   1, the waste water by the water back to the inlet side of the machine

   by the foregoing description, we already know, the process of reverse osmosis water is actually a concentrating process, process water system, the system must be concentrated salt drained to maintain system stability. If the waste water is returned to the inlet side of the machine water machine, which means that for pure water this system, only the inflow of salt, no salt exclusion, salt content in the water for water will increase rapidly, resulting in osmotic pressure of water exceeds the pressure boost pump is provided, leading to pure water is not of water. At the same time due to the increased salinity of the start portion of the membrane surface insoluble mineral deposition, leading to blockage and damage the reverse osmosis membrane, which is usually irreversible damage, only the replacement of the reverse osmosis membrane.

   2, waste water of a given time period

   There are many such products, a few minutes of work machine water, wastewater discharge of tens of seconds. This method is also undesirable in effluent water machine without period, the recovery of the reverse osmosis membrane is 100%, the world there a reverse osmosis membrane is 100 percent recovery. Such use is the result of trace amounts of water insoluble salt is quickly deposited on the membrane surface and cause severe clogging and reverse osmosis shortening the life of the reverse osmosis membrane. Such models, usually six months to a user must replace the reverse osmosis membrane, and a reasonable system, reverse osmosis life is usually inAbout 3 years.

   3, the waste water stored up, otherwise he

   This approach is to use a large pressure tank waste water stored up, and so need to use the time to put in it. This approach is the only viable option, because it is essentially no change in the operating parameters of pure water.

   Fourth, water machine really like the media said that the waste water it?

   The main purpose

   is used to provide water for household drinking water, usually a family of four a day the amount of drinking water (including cooking, soup) about 3.2 gallons, which is approximately 12 liters. Preparation of 12 liters of pure water requires about 24 liters of waste water discharge, the discharge 720 l month require wastewater. According to the current National Integrated Water price (includes resources, sewage charges) 2.5 per wastewater discharged a month need only 1.8 yuan. I believe this mere 1.8 yuan a family will not give any financial burden. Waste water for discharge is much less than we used to shower, flush the toilet, washing water, so we need not feel troubled by this wastewater.

   However, in order to achieve water conservation, when using pure water or recycled water as possible and concentrated to note Oh! About wastewater rate above the relevant water machine, I hope you can help us a clearer understanding water machine.

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