Stall right after the waves! Suning released -Night shopping

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  Stall right after the waves! Suning released "Night shopping partner" offer to make http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 11:47 on June 10 Source: Modern Home Network T


   HC clean water network in response to national Suning store economy, economic stall call, launched the "night stroll partner" policy, we began to recruit businesses across the country, in order to recruit stores around, online platform everywhere.

   According to recruit so content, "Night shopping partner" program will provide two billion Night start-up capital, 100 billion localization quality product to solve business capital, goods supply chain problem, but also opening Carrefour, Suning stores in 1000 freezer to store for cargo storage.


   At the same time, Su Ning also committed to train more stall, shop with a cargo net red, training, sharing, drainage, sell complete free live tool, one billion live red envelope, helping synchronization on the line to get traffic online merchants to increase revenue.

   At present, there are already a lot of friends to see the store posted recruitment so, there are many businesses eager, ready to "Jiebang" battle.

   stores under intensive propaganda point line, more in line with the flea market, the shop owners daily habits, we believe that the number of merchants settled in "Night shopping partner" will be rising rapidly in a short time.


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