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   With 5G technology, networking, big data, cloud computing and mobile Internet and other new technologies are integrated into the advanced mode of traditional industry links, wisdom water as information technology and water management in combination, is facing the golden period of development of the industry. At present, Eaux across the country is accelerating the "5G + Smart Water" project process, no doubt, 5G arrival, fully stimulate the vitality of the industry.

   01, "regional uneven distribution of per capita possession of a small amount" of water resources is one of the difficulties faced by

   long-term water resources in China is facing the uneven distribution of water resources per capita less, the problem of low utilization of water resources. Data show, 2010-2019, my countrys water consumption is roughly steady at about 600 billion cubic meters, the total amount of water for the past two years despite negative growth, but the total is still large. At the same time, 2010-2018, the per capita water resources of fluctuating downward trend, in 2018, per capita water consumption dropped to 1972 m3 / person.




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   02, "smart water" technology architecture

   face water situation of our country, to promote the wisdom of water construction is the only way. Water is wisdom through data acquisition, wireless networks, water pressure gauge and other online real-time monitoring of equipment operating status perception of urban water supply and drainage systems, the use of visual way the organic integration of water management sector and water supply and drainage facilities, the formation of "urban water Things . "

   wisdom water technology infrastructure, including information security, standards, business applications, large data center of gravity, information collection and infrastructure. Wherein the information is collected wisdom of water "sensory system", perception and acceptance of power monitoring network for wading object and its environment information.



   03,5G booster "smart water"


   wisdom of water is directed New Techniques of big data, cloud computing and mobile Internet, etc., and with the open era "5G", "5G + smart + water" the combination of fully stimulate the vitality of the industry.

   in November 2019, China Telecom, Huawei, Tianyi things together with chain partners on the "5G Things Industry Forum", jointly issued the "5G wisdom Water White Paper (2019 edition)". "White Paper" that official business with the 5G, 5G technology relying on high-bandwidth, low-latency, large technical characteristics of the connection, combined with the NB-loT, will bring better technology solutions for the development of water supply and intellectual richer scenarios. For example, 5G + smart meter platform, 5G + big data applications, 5G + basic information and so on, opened up unlimited imagination for the future of the wisdom of water conservancy construction.



   In addition, to speed up all over the floor and Lyonnaise des Eaux in the process of "5G + wisdom Water" project. For example, in July 2019, Sichuans first 5G "wisdom Water" project debut project 5G VR panoramic display system and automatic unmanned patrol boat river system eye-catching.


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